Hewlett, Staite’s ‘State of Syn’ Debuts on Hulu Plus

State of Syn, an unconventional sci-fi series, is now available for viewing on Hulu Plus! Starring Stargate alums Jewel Staite and David Hewlett, State of Syn is set in a corporate-ruled world of 2043. ItsĀ first season consists of 10 seven-minute episodes and is described by USA Today as a ‘futuristic motion comic’. Staite plays the main character, investigating the mysterious death of her father. Hewlett appears to be her nemesis, as he is her father’s former business partner and head of a corporation producing a highly addictive new drug.

As the preview below shows, the series is not filmed as conventional action, but rather a hybrid of motion and comic-like still images, with narration. It looks very interesting, and we hope it earns a following on Hulu Plus!

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