S10 Spoilers: Family Ties

10.18 “Family Ties”

The actual plotline for this episode is not currently known, but the episode itself has been mentioned by Michael Shanks, Beau Bridges, and Claudia Black recently.

During the Creation Convention in Chicago, held right after news of SG-1‘s cancellation, Michael Shanks and Beau Bridges reportedly mentioned the upcoming episode “Family Ties” as one in which Lexa Doig will make an appearance as Dr. Carolyn Lam, daughter of Gen. Hank Landry. Additionally, Landry’s ex-wife, Carolyn’s mother, is to make an appearance as well. Doig has been away from the show’s filming because of the birth of her second child with her husband, Michael Shanks, earlier this year. The episode which just recently finished shooting, “Talion”, will be the first episode in which Dr. Lam makes an appearance this season.

In an interview conducted at The SciFi World, also held just after the cancellation news broke, Claudia Black stated, “Samantha and Vala have a couple of moments in an upcoming episode called “Family Ties” so it would be nice to have a little bit [of] character development there.”

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[Thanks to SueB for the tip. Edited for clarification.]