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A terrorist bombing of a Jaffa council meeting ends with several deaths, including those of innocent bystanders and children. Teal’c seeks revenge when he discovers that one of his former rivals is behind the slaughter.

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On the planet Dar Eshkalon, a bombing rips apart a peaceful Jaffa summit. Many Jaffa are killed instantly. Teal'c and Bra'tac are both badly injured. SG–1 rescues them, but Teal'c endures a long recovery only to discover that his mentor Bra'tac still lies comatose in Stargate Command's infirmary.

Jaffa intelligence sources suggest that the mastermind behind the bombing was probably Arkad, a power-hungry and dishonorable Jaffa who was a nemesis of Teal'c's — and may even have murdered Teal'c's mother — when they were both First Primes. Recently, Arkad has converted to Origin and is using the religion to consolidate power over all Jaffa. He bombed the summit to murder those who oppose him.

No one — not even SG–1 — can now stand in the way of Teal'c's renewed fury at Arkad. Leaving his teammates behind, Teal'c storms across the galaxy to seek revenge. With frightening intensity, he tracks down and interrogates those who can help him find his quarry.

Back on Earth, SG–1's concern for Teal'c only grows after Bra'tac awakens. The old Jaffa warrior warns them that Arkad is an especially formidable enemy. As if to support this, SG–22 returns from a recon mission with rumors that Arkad plans to launch a devastating sneak attack against Earth.

Next, surprisingly, Arkad himself contacts Stargate Command. He claims that rogue forces, not his own army, are orchestrating the attack on Earth. He urges Gen. Landry and SG–1 to wait peacefully as he deals with the problem himself, but also issues a thinly veiled warning that the slightest Tau'ri aggression against him will be answered by overwhelming force.

SG–1 believes that Arkad is lying and actually is masterminding the planned attack. Unfortunately, they lack proof, and the International Oversight Advisory can't authorize a pre-emptive attack against Arkad based on SG–1's collective intuition. Furthermore, the IOA fears that if Teal'c assassinates Arkad, he'll be seen as acting on behalf of Earth, and the whole planet will suffer the retribution for this Tau'ri aggression. Accordingly, the IOA orders SG–1 to stop Teal'c before he can carry out his revenge.

Knowing that Teal'c will never stand down willingly, his teammates realize that they must hunt down and capture their friend. Their distaste for the job perhaps explains why they do it half-heartedly. Teal'c escapes them, forces his way into Arkad's stronghold — and is promptly shot and captured. Unless he can find new reserves of strength, his quest for revenge will end in his death.


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Production Notes =

  • Before cameras: August 25-September 5, 2006.
  • Talion: A punishment identical to the offense, as the death penalty for murder. (Dictionary.com: Talion)
  • "Next week we shoot another fight involving Ben, and..............well............it's a surprise!" — James Bamford, fight coordinator, Gateworld Forum, August 24, 2006.
  • "The character development I would really like to see more of is actually answered in the next episode [interview was conducted during the filming of "Bad Guys"] where I haven’t had many scenes with Beau [Bridges], General Landry, and I have a few scenes with General Landry where we kind of butt heads so I’m very interested in exploring that aspect of character development, definitively." — Christopher Judge, The SciFi World, September 10, 2006.

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