Richard Dean Anderson on Return to Stargate

Richard Dean Anderson sent a note to his official website to confirm his appearances in several episodes of Stargate Universe, as well as MGM’s green light for the third SG-1 movie. The site withheld the announcement until official news had been released.

March 2, 2009

I would have thought word had gotten out by now, but as I am informed, so shall ye be: the movie has been green lit. There are so few details beyond the ‘go ahead’, but I sat next to Charlie Cohen and across from Brad Wright at dinner two weeks ago (the cast dinner for the launch of Stargate Universe), and just an hour prior to sitting down to mediocre cuisine, Charlie had announced MGM’s intention to make the next Stargate movie. As I am led to believe, shooting may start this summer, most likely.

I was up there doing a snippet of a scene with Robert Carlyle and I’ll be going back March 17 for another scene in part 2 of the two-hour. I had told Brad that if he wanted help in the launch of Universe I’d love to be a part of it. (Truth be known, I missed those guys ‘n gals.) So I’ll make a few slim appearances in the first half-dozen episodes, or so. Again, details are sketchy, but I’ve already shot the first of my scenes so the ball is rolling. Andy Mikita is directing the two-hour, so we had a good hug and huge laugh.

Anyway, there you go.


Anderson just filmed scenes for “Earth”, and so now we know he’s also appearing in the premiere, “Air”.