SGU Spoilers: More on “Life”

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Information in this article has been updated in the article Can We Trust Spoilers Ever Again? The information that follows remains as was published, but the Episode Guide has been properly updated.

Spoiler Warning

This article contains more spoilers for the episode “Life”, written by Carl Binder (see our previous article). It is currently slated to be the eighth episode in the first season of Stargate Universe.


BACKGROUND: At the recent Creation Convention in Vancouver, Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper said that there would be two gay characters in Stargate Universe. It is very possible that these audition sides for SHARON include these characters.

In order for people who are stranded on the Destiny to communicate with their loved ones and others on Earth, they must use the Ancient technology that swaps their consciousnesses with someone on Earth. It appears that each person stranded on the Destiny is allowed to make visits back home with the use of someone else’s body.

MUNROE and SHARON have been together for twelve years. SHARON is the party left behind on Earth while MUNROE is the one stranded on the Destiny. They’re together, preparing dinner as MUNROE discusses things that are happening aboard the ship and SHARON listens. Sitting quietly together in the family room, SHARON and MUNROE discuss MUNROE’s parents and the fact that she has not visited them because they don’t have clearance to know about her situation. SHARON tells her that her parents need to know that she’s okay.

As they snuggle on the couch, MUNROE and SHARON share a quiet moment together. MUNROE is a sketch artist and she has copied a photograph that they have hanging on the wall. It’s of a beautiful seashore in the tropics. MUNROE notices that she’s forgotten to sketch the rowboat that’s in the picture and wonders why. At this point MUNROE breaks down and cries as SHARON tries to comfort her.

After a while, BAKER comes to the door to retrieve MUNROE: visiting time is over. SHARON tries to give MUNROE encouragement to be strong and work with the other people on the ship to get them all back home. She then reassures MUNROE that she’s not going anywhere. After MUNROE leaves, it’s SHARON’s turn to break down into sobs.

In the audition sides for ANNIE BALIC, it appears that MUNROE does go to see her parents, an Asian couple in their 60’s, as BAKER waits for her in the car.

The audition sides also include characters in other scenes, including MICHAELS and ANNIE (formerly called JOAN) and MICHELLE and BENTON.

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