Producer Asserts No Go-Ahead for Movies

Earlier today we reported on a SciFiWire story asserting the SG-1 movie has a green-light for filming this year. We asked Stargate producer/writer Joseph Mallozzi to confirm this news, and he responded back to us:

Alas, it’s all conjecture at this point.  We’ve received no news on either movie front (SG-1or Atlantis).

So, unfortunately, it appears the movies are no closer to reality than they have been for the past year. We speculate that Amanda Tapping and Martin Wood were contacted about their availability as a planning measure rather than a commitment to production. Perhaps more clarification will be made public in the coming days.


3 thoughts on “Producer Asserts No Go-Ahead for Movies”

  1. If you wanna know wat’s up with the SG-1 OR Atlantis upcomming movies Joe Mallozzi is the P.O.C.(Point of Contact) He will give you a straight up answer….Not rumor’s or conjecture…..

  2. Just read an interview where the stars of Atlantis never were given a good reason for why Atlantis was canceled. So they’re just as much in the dark as the fans are? It just doesn’t make any sense that the power-that-be would cancel a hugely successful series that is STILL garnering awards after being canceled and still had the potential for many many more stories! They would have us believe it was because of the economy, but I suggest it’s because of greed. They were more than likely given the option of dumping Atlantis to make the new series they were so excited about or keeping Atlantis and putting the new series on hold. We all know the decision they made…which was a huge mistake.

    Let’s spin a little science fiction here. Let’s imagine the powers that be have the guts to swallow their stupid pride and bring Atlantis back. Improbable…I’m sure. Impossible…not so much. Of course, they’d have to give the actors and crews some kind of guarantee that they won’t yank the rug out from under them again, but looking pragmatically at it, you’ve got a proven successful series with a solid fan base that will support it and who will even watch Universe if Atlantis is brought back. But truth be known, I don’t think they have the balls to do it. Until then, I’m not watching Universe. And those actors should beware that they don’t end up being canceled for no good reason just like Atlantis was. And please don’t try to appease the fans with hollow promises of movies. Movies will not satisfy them.

    Those responsible for canceling Atlantis…you’ve set a precedent by canceling a successful series before it was anywhere near finished. Now, set another precedent…bring it back.

  3. Just a little ad on with a comment that will show my age. Remember Bobby from that old TV series “Dallas”? They wrote him out for one year and suddenly he showed up in the shower as if he’d never been gone. Remember that? It was all a dream. Now, in light of that, if they can bring Bobby back…why can’t Stargate Atlantis come back? Yeah, I know you’re laughing and it is funny but it goes to show anything is possible in TV land. 🙂 Come on producers, show you have the guts to admit you were wrong and bring Stargate Atlantis back. Make a dream come true. They did it with “Dallas” and the show went on for several more years. The potential storylines for Atlantis now that she is on Earth are practically limitless and you know it. Bring her back.

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