SG-1 Movie Reportedly Green-lit for Filming

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Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter) and director Martin Wood told SciFiWire they are expecting to film the third direct-to-DVD Stargate SG-1 movie before the end of 2009. From the article (here):

“As far as I know, we may start in late fall or early winter this year,” Tapping said in an exclusive interview. “And I will slip back into Sam Carter very nicely; I’m looking forward to it.”

Martin Wood would again direct. “They asked me to direct the Stargate SG-1 movie, and they are waiting until Universe is finished, and then, of course, they ask me when I’m available,” said Wood... “Then that may get done by the end of the year. That’s what everyone is hoping, at least.”

Their statements seem to indicate the production of the SG-1 movie has taken a step forward in decision-making and funding. As recently as last month, Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) had no news about filming and said the issue was MGM needing external investors to fund the film, due to the studio’s enormous debt. As Shanks said at the Chicago Creation Convention (transcript here, thanks to dedicated fan!):

What I was told talking to the guys was that MGM is reluctant to make the movies right now because the economy is not doing well. You know. And DVD sales have dropped significantly, apparently, in the last 6-8 months to a year. What we don’t want to do—and when I say ’we’ I mean myself, you guys, and the company—is what we don’t want to do…if we plan on doing these movies every couple years or whatever it’s going to be, MGM doesn’t have…you know, they have a huge amount of debt. They have to finance all this stuff. So they have to find investors to make these movies possible. The minute one of ours goes south—if we make a movie right away and it goes out to the DVD market and it doesn’t make the money back that it promised its investors, when we turn around and try to make another one 2 years from now, those investors and other investors will look at the balance sheet and go, ‘Why? This isn’t a profit-making venture.’

So, either funding has been secured, or Tapping and Wood are reacting to being asked to be available in case funding does come through. The news does not appear to be as positive or definitive for the Stargate Atlantis movie. Martin Wood also said:

What about a new Stargate Atlantis movie? “Atlantis is still being talked about for this year,” Wood said. “Right now, I’m so far removed from it, but they’ll let me know, and I’m happy to do it.”

The SG-1 movie is green-lighted, and the Atlantis film is in the works…

For all the information we have on both movies, including spoilers, visit our 3rd SG-1 movie and SGA movie articles. Watch this space for more news as it arrives.


3 thoughts on “SG-1 Movie Reportedly Green-lit for Filming”

  1. Andy Mikita is supposed to direct the SGA movie, so unless that’s changed, I wouldn’t expect Wood to know much about it.

  2. Honestly I think this should all be taken with a grain of salt. AT and MW shouldn’t be the ones announcing the movie… that is, unless MGM says it, I would be cautious. I hope it’s true, but…

  3. I agree. MGM needs to make the announcement!

    Wright and Cooper are by far closer to the production and they’re saying things are waiting to look better financially before they’ll commit to filming.

    I’ve always heard that the actors are the last to know.

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