Michael Shanks on SG-1 Movie, Other Projects

Michael Shanks told SCI FI WIRE that he’s beginning to believe that the third SG-1 DTV movie Stargate: Revolution will probably not get made. He reasoned, “Given the amount of time lag that’s gone on between us doing the movies, I suspect that we might be very far away from, if ever, doing another DVD movie. This might be the closing of the book on that particular [chapter of the] franchise.”

He explained further, “Never say never. It’s always a possibility. But I think everybody’s moving on to a certain point, and with the new show doing well, everybody’s focusing their attention on that. The SG-1 idea is somewhat on the back burner, which is a little bit unfortunate, because I think one more story would have been a great way to bring Rick (Richard Dean Anderson) back in and really go there. But you know, business is business.”

In the article, Shanks talks about his moving on to other projects, although he does reprise his role as Dr. Daniel Jackson in two more episodes of the first season of Stargate Universe. Fans have seen him in Sanctuary and Smallville: Absolute Justice recently, and he has a brief appearance in Supernatural coming up.

But one project that is of great interest to the actor is the possibility of winning the role of Danno in the remake of Hawaii Five-O. “I don’t know what to say about that. I haven’t read the script yet, so I’m going, ‘Really?’ I’ll have to wait and see.'” If cast, he’ll co-star with Lost veteran Daniel Dae Kim, who’ll be portraying Detective Chin Ho Kelly.

This is pilot season, so there may be other opportunities coming his way, but Shanks added, “I’ll tell you one thing, to go to Hawaii to shoot a series would be a dream come true, that’s for certain. Not a bad gig there. … I don’t feel too bad for the people on Lost. Oh, you’re on Lost. Poor guys. Yeah. Boo-hoo. Go back to your cabana and have another mojito [laughs].”

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