SGU to Shoot "Malice" in New Mexico has posted additional information about the Farmington, New Mexico, shoot that will take place May 17-21.

Originally, we thought that the shoot was for Paul Mullie’s “Trial and Error”, but KRQE shed further light on the episode’s identity by stating, “The episode will be written and directed by Robert C. Cooper.” This means we were off by a few episodes as Cooper’s season two episode is “Malice”. Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi wrote in his weblog, “Rob will be racking up the airmiles when it comes time for him to direct Malice.” After reading the script, he added, “Geat script! It’s going to be one hell of a location shoot!”

The shoot will be using local talent, both in front of and behind the cameras. KRQE reporter Bill Diven wrote, “A statement from Gov. Bill Richardson’s office says a majority of the crew working on the Farmington shoot will be New Mexicans.” He listed the familiar Vancouver producers John G. Lenic, Robert C. Cooper, Brad Wright, Joseph Mallozzi, and Paul Mullie, and then added to the list David Greathouse and Sam Childs, both of whom will serve as supervising producers for this episode. Childs previously worked with SGU as unit production manager for “Air Part 3”, which also shot in New Mexico.

“Malice” currently sits in the eighth episode slot in the 20-episode season, so look for it to premiere near the end of 2010 on Syfy.

ETA May 14: There is much more detail about the shoot at Daily Times, including information from Childs that says that the Farmington shoot is supposed to be an alien planet rather than an Earth-based location.

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