First Images, Video of Joe Flanigan by Martin Firrell

As we reported here in May, the modern artist Martin Firrell has done a study of Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis) as part of his Sci Fi series exploring the deeper significance of popular science fiction. Martin has just posted “a glimpse of a work in progress” of his study of Joe, including still images and some particularly stylistic video in which Joe speaks about the effects of action heroes on women, John Sheppard’s feelings, and the impact on a man of having kids. Definitely worth a visit for all Joe Flanigan and John Sheppard fans!

Visit Martin Firrell’s Joe Flanigan Page


3 thoughts on “First Images, Video of Joe Flanigan by Martin Firrell”

  1. This is priceless. Not only are we getting a peek into Joe Flanigan but through him an incredible understanding of a herioc science fiction character practically tailor made for him to portray. Intelligent, introspective, compassionate and “comfortable” with his feelings. If only all men could be like Joe Flanigan. It had to have broken his heart when they told him they’d allowed Atlantis to be canceled…just as it’s broken the hearts of all loyal Stargate Atlantis fans. What a damned waste and all for a new series I won’t watch because of the way they handled Atlantis. Congratulations Joe on participating in a wonderful display of art and humanity. Thank you Martin Firrell for your portrayal and recognition of a true actor/artist.

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