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Lt. Col. John Sheppard


Major John Sheppard was the helicopter pilot assigned to take Brig. Gen. Jack O'Neill from McMurdo to the Ancients' Antarctic Outpost where Dr. Daniel Jackson awaited his arrival to tell of his discovery of the location of the Lost City of the Ancients. Sheppard was introduced in the spin-off Stargate Atlantis episode, "Rising Part 1". He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel after being the military commander of the Atlantis Expedition for a year (Stargate Atlantis: 2.02 "The Intruder")

Character Biography

Major John Sheppard is a maverick gifted pilot, a Southern gentleman, son of a respected Cold War colonel, with good ole' boy charm and a closet mathematical genius. Sheppard is described as having a wry sense of humour and to pretend to be dumber than he really is. He's also a bold fighter, a man of great common sense morality and possesses the rare gene which allows him to interact physically with Ancients technology.

Sheppard, while on duty in Afghanistan, disobeyed a direct order in an attempt to save the lives of three servicemen. His reputation tarnished, he yet remains a man of honor who puts the military first, while still mistrusting authority. When tapped to serve on the Stargate Atlantis team, he is at the end of his second tour at McMurdo, the U.S. Antarctic base, having requested a post as far from the world as possible. He gets to go an entire galaxy away.

Sheppard became the Expedition's military leader after the commanding officer, Col. Marshall Sumner, was killed after being captured by the Wraith on their first off-world mission. Sumner was being tortured to death by a Wraith Keeper who wanted to gain more information about Earth. When Sumner realized that he was about to die at the Keeper's hand, he silently gave Sheppard permission to kill him with a single bullet as Sheppard hid nearby. Sheppard was captured and interrogated by the Keeper, but he succeeded in killing her. Unfortunately, that act awakened the Wraith hive and, soon, the Wraith were culling worlds earlier than their regularly scheduled times. Because of this mass awakening, the Wraith are seeking new "feeding grounds" and have decided that Earth is their location of choice. But, to get there, they must either get through the Stargate on Atlantis or acquire the technology necessary for intergalactic travel. Not only do the Wraith seek to feast on the humans of both galaxies, but they also covet the technology of the Ancients and of Earth.

Sheppard has often claimed that he can fly anything, and he has shown this talent with piloting the Ancients' shuttle, a small craft he nicknamed a "Puddle Jumper" because it is designed to fly through the Stargate, and Stargate Command's F-302 space-worthy intercept fighter.


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