Michael Shanks Returns to "Smallville" in October

Stargate star Michael Shanks has appeared in The CW’s Smallville as Carter Hall/Hawkman twice, and it’s confirmed that he’ll be appearing in the second episode of the show’s record-breaking tenth season once it returns this fall. On top of this confirmation, a trailer that was shown at the recent San Diego Comic Con gives us visible proof.

Kryptonsite confirmed Carter Hall’s return in the episode “Shield”, episode 10.02, on Friday, October 1, at 8 PM ET. The details of his appearance aren’t known, but we do get some glimpses of him—and can hear some of his dialogue—near the end of this section of the trailer (beware, cheering fans in the audio):

Did you see him near the 1:20 mark in what appears to be an archaeologist’s tent? He was in Egypt the last time we saw him in the S9 finale “Salvation”. We’ll have to wait for the episode to air to find out where he is and what he’s doing to help Clark Kent realize his full potential as Superman in the show’s final season.

[Thanks to MSOL and mfluder42 for the tip!]

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