Flanigan in Ireland Shooting "The Other Side"

Stargate Atlantis star Joe Flanigan is currently shooting a movie in Ireland called The Other Side. He’s keeping his fans informed through his new Twitter account.

Here’s what he’s had to say thus far about his new adventure, the most recent on top:

The “Otherside” for ScyFy. I play a Marine colonel stuck in a parallel dimension. Working with John Rys-Davies this morning. Great actor

Enjoying shooting in Ireland. I’ve shot two pheasant, a deer and someone last night who tried to steal my Guiness. Watch out Hewlett!

First day of shooting. Great cast and crew. Pints tonight for everyone!

At Druid Glen Golf Club. Hard to play golf and hold pints. Something must give. God Bless Ireland

that plane had a lot of alcohol. Anyway, I’m here at the LongHaul Pub in Dublin discussing film. God bless the motherland!

The Other Side is a joint effort between RHI Entertainment and Syfy. Here’s the synopsis from RHI Entertainment’s TOS website:

It was a groundbreaking device designed to glimpse alternate universes and government commissioned by a brilliant physicist. But the machine malfunctioned on its first presentation, transporting a group of observers into a nightmarish new dimension. The team quickly must use ingenuity and courage to outwit, outplay and outlast the native man-eating creatures of this bizarre new world while doing their best to repair the damaged machine. Even if they stay alive, without a working transport, they may never make it back home.

Flanigan stars as Colonel Sam Synn, Dagmar Doring as Doctor Jillian O’Hara, John Rhys-Davies as Senator Jackson Crenshaw, Catherine Walker as Doctor Karen Fast, Yare Jegbefune as Lt. Rivers, Rob Soohan as Brian Murphy, and Chris Newman as Pvt. Jordan Reid.

This movie, written by Douglas G. Davis (Carny), and another named Roadkill are two new projects being co-produced by RHI Entertainment and Syfy.

In a press release about these movies, Syfy’s Thomas Vitale, Executive Vice President, Programming and Original Movies, said, “We’ve enjoyed a long and productive relationship with RHI, whose movies have been popular with our savvy television audience. We’re looking forward to premiering these action-packed and entertaining movies as part of our hit Saturday night original movie block.”

Robert Halmi, Jr., President, RHI Entertainment, added, “We love both of these scripts and we are looking forward to seeing them on the screen. Both stories are filled with action, suspense, special effects and great imagination. We anticipate a great reception from the international community while at MIP TV.”

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on Flanigan as he tweets his way through his adventure in his “motherland”!

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