Reminder: Paul McGillion Returns to "Sanctuary" Tonight (Oct. 15)

Paul McGillion returns as Terrence Wexford in KALI III, the third season premiere of SANCTUARY. (Carole Segal/Syfy)
Amanda Tapping‘s Sanctuary returns with its third season tonight in Canada (Space, 9 PM ET) and the United States (Syfy, 10 PM ET) with “Kali III”, and Stargate star Paul McGillion is guest starring in his recurring role as Terrence Wexford!

“Kali III” picks up where the previous season left off as “two ships are wrecked and a tidal wave races toward the coast of Mumbai, India, following Wexford’s attempt to kill Big Bertha. When Wexford tries to kill the creature again, Magnus risks her life to intervene…” (TV Guide).

After tonight’s conclusion, where will the new season be taking its viewers? Tapping teased a little about the show’s direction in a recent interview, “Because we have a 20-episode pickup, we have the luxury of doing really big story arcs this year, which is very exciting. So we have two major threads that we’re pursuing throughout this season: one dealing with Helen’s past a bit more, and one that is something that’s much bigger than Big Bertha.”

McGillion told his fans that he’ll be back in next week’s episode (“Firewall”) as well. “I returned to Sanctuary, and my character of Terrence Wexford comes back and opens up the first two episodes of the third season. He’s especially prevalent in the second episode, and some very dramatic stuff happens onboard the ship. The lizard is back and in full force and he’s got a lot of attitude. Terrence isn’t a very nice man and he’s got his problems. I think the word is ‘power-hungry.’

“So it was great to be back and working with Amanda Tapping (Dr. Helen Magnus) and (executive producer) Martin Wood, who directed the episode. A lot of familiar faces from Stargate work on the show, too, so it was a real blast to be back and reprise my Wexford character. Again, we’ll see where it goes from there.”

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