SciFi and TV Talk: Rachel Luttrell Fan Q&A

Rachel LuttrellStargate star Rachel Luttrell has completed answering fan questions posted at Steve Eramo’s SciFi And TV Talk Blog.

The two-part Q&A is posted HERE and HERE. A few highlights:

About her audition for Teyla:

I had to read two scenes with Joe Flanigan in front of a bunch of network executives at the network here in LA. I waited for two hours pacing while they saw other actors. It was nerve-wrecking. But I managed to stay focused and Joe and I just had a great connection in the (audition) room. It all unfolded beautifully.

About how being a mother has changed her:

Well, if I weren’t a Mom, I would have been able to get to these questions a lot sooner. Never a dull moment. Life is busy and full!

Motherhood has deepened my compassion. I am so easily moved to tears by the injustices in the world. I am even more emotionally available as an actor. I also have the mother bear strength. Don’t mess with my boy! You will have BIG trouble coming your way!

The opposite ends of the scales, those of venerability and strength, have increased within me immensely.

On her recent projects:

I have been working on my CD. I get into the studio on the 16th of October to record it. I have butterflies thinking about it. It is mainly a jazz/standards CD with some bosa nova. Have been working with some pretty spectacular musicians. It should be out by the end of November. Very excited about it!!

I have also been working with my husband on a number of film projects. … I am writing it. … It has a strong female character, a lot of action, and a bit of the fairy tale elements (the darker Grimms tales). I have a couple of other ones mulling in my mind. I like epic tales. I am also a fan of comedies. My story telling taste is as broad as my musical tastes.

About the possibility of filming Stargate: Extinction, the movie that picks up the Atlantis saga from its series finale “Enemy at the Gate”:

I don’t know…My feeling is that they won’t be doing it. But I could be wrong. 🙂

Make sure to visit the two articles for the rest, and to keep up with what Luttrell’s up to now, visit her Twitter and her actor page here at Solutions.

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  1. If they are putting off movie why are they showing the trailers on yutube. They need to get a move on. I among the fans want Shep/Todd pairing.

  2. These trailers you’re talking about are most likely fan-made and are not from the studio or the production office. The movie has only been scripted — it has not been filmed. They are still on hold.

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