Stargate Universe: 2.02 "Aftermath"

Can Varro salvage relations with the Destiny crew in the AFTERMATH of the Lucian Alliance's attack?
Tonight (October 5) on Syfy at 9 PM ET: Stargate Universe episode 2.02 “Aftermath”, written by Robert C. Cooper and directed by William Waring.

Joseph Mallozzi wrote a few hints about this episode in his weblog: He was impressed with “Will Waring’s kick-ass director’s cut of Rob Cooper’s equally kick-ass script for Aftermath (in which actor Louis Ferreira delivers his best performance yet in a suspenseful, absorbing, emotionally-draining episode).” He also hinted about the story: “The best laid plans of mice and men… Things come apart in a big way, and our heroes are left to pick up the pieces. Gut-wrenching.”

Indeed, how will they pick up the pieces? Will Col. Young keep the Alliance soldiers in a cargo hold forever, or will some or all of them be permitted to roam freely on the ship now that they, too, are marooned there? Can any of them be trusted not to attempt take-over again? How will they feed all of these additional people?

It’s not all about the Alliance either. There were several people impacted personally by the attack. How are TJ and Young recovering from the loss of their baby daughter Carmen? How is it that Chloe was able to heal from her severe gunshot wound? Will Telford reveal to the Lucians that his brainwashing has been removed? And, will leadership on the ship change now that Young’s command has been weakened?

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With food and water supplies running dangerously low and tempers flaring, a shuttle is deployed to an unstable planet whose Stargate has been locked out of Destiny’s controls.

The Lucian Alliance prisoners are growing restless and desperate. They know food and water supplies are dwindling and ponder what their future may hold. After conducting interviews with some of the Lucians, Camile Wray believes a number of the prisoners can be trusted and may even be helpful. Col. Young disagrees and is of the opinion that they are dangerous. After a group of prisoners attack their military detail, he orders that they be relocated to the next habitable planet.

Still recovering from his torture at the hands of Kiva, an exhausted Dr. Rush manages to unlock the master code to the ship’s bridge. There he finds a planet within range that seems viable but for some unknown reason, has been locked out of Destiny’s controls. Its Stargate also appears to be non-functioning. With the need for food and water becoming dire, he decides to override the ship’s controls and have a crew deployed to the planet in the hopes of finding much needed supplies.

Lt. Scott leads the team to the planet. On approach their shuttle encounters violent turbulence followed by power failure. It crash lands and slides into the side of a cliff causing critical damage. The only way back to the Destiny is through the planet’s Stargate and when they find it, it is in far worse condition than anyone could have imagined..[/spoiler]

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