Stargate Universe: 2.05 "Cloverdale"

SGU Cloverdale (MGM)
CLOVERDALE offers the classic 'team gets into trouble' scenario when visiting a planet.
Tonight (October 26) on Syfy at 9 PM ET: Stargate Universe episode 2.05 “Cloverdale”, written by Brad Wright and directed by Alex Chapple.

“Cloverdale is a neat story for everyone because it’s just so different from anything we’ve done so far on SGU,” actor David Blue told interviewer Steve Eramo. “The episode was written in such a way that we got to show our characters in a totally new light, and shooting-wise it was a nice break because we went on-location for some of it. Again, I’m dying to see this episode, and after doing ADR [Automated Dialogue Replacement] for certain scenes, it made me want to watch it even more.”

Interestingly enough, “Cloverdale” the episode was shot in British Columbia’s Cloverdale where the production “spent two days filming on location in Cloverdale’s historic downtown core, shooting scenes inside – and outside – the Clova Cinema and other local landmarks. Traffic was barred from the 5700 block of 176 Street for much of Tuesday, while the crew filmed a stunt sequence and other scenes.” But what’s even more interesting about this episode is the type of scenes that were shot. If you’re really curious, check out what’s under the spoiler tags at the end of this article.

VFX Supervisor Mark Savela described this episode as “EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC.” Since it was written by Brad Wright, perhaps it also is close to being what some would call a classic Stargate story: the team ‘gates to a planet, gets into trouble, gets out of trouble, and goes home. But with Universe, we know that some endings aren’t happy and that certain storylines aren’t necessarily tied up in a pretty bow at the final fade to black.

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