Beau Bridges to Recur on ABC's "Brothers and Sisters"

Beau-BridgesE! Online has just published the scoop that Stargate star Beau Bridges has been cast in a recurring role on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, currently in its fifth season.

Kristin Dos Santos reported:

Nostalgia alert! Sally Field is getting some big-time lovin’ with her Norma Rae costar Beau Bridges! […]

Bridges has been cast as a new love interest for Sally’s character, Nora, but he’s actually not so new. Insiders tell me exclusively she had a past with the guy before she was married to the show’s patriarch William Walker, and old secrets will be dredged up. Beau is slated for at least a handful of episodes during the current season.

The show’s About page description:

Brothers & Sisters is like that awkward family reunion, where everyone is airing their dirty secrets at the dinner table. The thing is, with the Walkers, they’re dropping these bombshells at every meal. The Walkers appear to be the perfect all-American family, but it’s up to matriarch Nora Walker (Sally Field) to hold everyone together as they cross paths with divorce, infidelity, addiction, war, politics, prejudice and death.

Brothers and Sisters airs Sundays at 10 PM ET. If you miss an episode, visit the show’s website or Hulu for after-airing online streaming. As always, we’ll keep our eyes open for more information about Bridges’s new role and his upcoming episodes.

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