Stargate Planner: Week of November 22-28

You might be interested in these news tidbits and announcements that have been noted on this editor’s calendar and notebook for this week. If you’ve got more to add, please don’t hesitate to announce them in the comment section below. We’ll update this article if something comes to our attention during the week.


Monday,   November 22
Tuesday,   November 23

Syfy: SGU 2.09 “Visitation” at 9 PM ET, with a repeat at 11 PM.

Sky1/UK: SGU 2.08 “Malice” at 9 PM.


We’re certain that tonight is the night that Michael Shanks can be seen in Cartoon Network’s Tower Prep as Professor Literature (the previews say so)! Tune in tonight at 9 PM ET for “Book Report.” You can catch him in the episode’s preview video at MSOL, and Cartoon Network places full episodes on their website after airing.

Wednesday, November 24
Thursday,   November 25 Today is Thanksgiving Day in the USA United States

SGU 1.14 “Human” on New Zealand’s Prime TV at 8:30 PM.

Friday,   November 26

Sci Fi/Australia: SGU 2.09 “Visitation” at 8:30 PM.

Space/Canada: SGU 2.09 “Visitation” at 10 PM ET.

Season Two of Stargate Universe is premiering on TV6 in Sweden! Catch “Intervention” at 9 PM!

Paul McGillion‘s movie The Traveler (fka Mr. Nobody) with Val Kilmer is being released directly to video in Region 2! For a preview trailer and other information, visit Val Kilmer the Real Deal website. McGillion plays Deputy Jerry Pine in this story. Synopsis: “On a dark Christmas Eve in a small town, the lone Sheriffs on the night shift encounter a mysterious man who goes by the name of Mr. Nobody. As the night progresses, the Sheriffs discover that this isn’t just a nobody, but a vengeful killer whose past threatens to haunt them all.” As you can tell from our screencap of McGillion, this is a horror/thriller, so beware!

Saturday, November 27 Jewel Staite‘s Hallmark Channel movie Call Me Mrs. Miracle premieres tonight at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT. Staite plays Molly in this holiday story about Mrs. Miracle’s cheering up the employees of the troubled Finley Department Store during the Christmas holiday season.

Christopher Judge is scheduled to appear at London’s Collectormania this weekend. Make sure to visit the event’s website for details.

Also this weekend, Joe Flanigan will be attending the Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game and Film Convention in Stockholmmässan. More details are at the con’s website.

Sunday, November 28 Collectormania and the Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game and Film Convention continue today.

Lou Diamond Phillips provides the voice for Rusty, Stan’s rich half-brother, in tonight’s episode of American Dad on FOX at 9:30 PM ET (“There Will Be Bad Blood”). The storyline: Rusty visits Stan for Thanksgiving and “turns out to be richer than Stan thought he was, leading to something other than brotherly love” (Gear Live TV Envy).

News Notes

News Flashes and Brief Follow-Ups

Last Week’s TV Appearances: David Nykl in Fringe; Michael Shanks in The Good Guys; Robert Picardo in Supernatural.

  • Robert Picardo – Apologies to Picardo fans! We hadn’t heard that he’d be a guest star on Supernatural on November 19 in the episode “Clap Your Hands If You Believe …”! Good news, though: The CW will be posting the episode online soon so you can still catch his appearance!
  • David Hewlett – He wasn’t in last week’s episode of Hellcats as we were expecting. The show will be on a brief break and will return December 1, so we’ll be on the look-out for him as Dr. Eagan then.

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