Brad Wright: SG-1, Atlantis Fans Hurt Stargate Universe

SGU 1.5 DVD CoverIn this opinion piece, SciFi Now author James Rundle notes that Universe needs fan support now more than ever, pointing out that its ratings have plummeted for Season 2. He also asks Stargate Atlantis fans to stop punishing Stargate Universe for not being Atlantis, quoting the actors’ disappointment over some lack of fan acceptance. He also quotes Brad Wright on the topic:

“I don’t think if we for any reason go away, it is an issue necessarily of the quality of the product that we’ve been making,” said executive producer and co-creator Brad Wright. “I think getting moved on the schedule has hurt us. And the fact that some of the fans that liked SG-1 and Atlantis were so angry that they have deliberately hurt us, which is unfortunate.”

What do you think? Has whatever negative fan reaction that exists been fueled primarily by Universe being new and not SG-1 or Atlantis? Has fandom negativity in turn affected Nielsen ratings? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

40 thoughts on “Brad Wright: SG-1, Atlantis Fans Hurt Stargate Universe”

  1. I can’t speak for everyone, but I gave the show five episodes, and if I wasn’t hooked by then, I knew I probably wasn’t going to be. It wasn’t the Stargate that I was used to; it was missing that spark for me, so I didn’t watch it.

    I’d catch a little here or there on Syfy, but it still continued not to have that spark for me. (I’m probably going to get flamed for this, but…) I thought it was trying too hard to be the next BSG, but Stargate was so great because it WASN’T BSG, in my opinion.

    When SG-1, Atlantis, and BSG made up ‘Sci-Fi’ Friday, it was a great balance of something that the Syfy network has lost; you had the dark, gritty, ominous BSG, and then you had the quite a bit lighter Stargates on the other side of that. That lineup was gold!

  2. Perhaps if the powers that be hadn’t treated the SGA fans like a much of worthless idiots, we might not have been so angered over the cancellation of the show. To be told basically that ‘we were too old’ and they really didn’t need us was a slap in the face. Many of us had been loyal fans of both SG-1 and SGA but to be treated like we were dirt was just to much.

    How could they expect people to follow their new baby when SGA was canceled without any real explanation? How could they expect us to support them when we were told that SGA was gone and we should just stop being cry babies and accept it? And then they think that they were going to appease us by throwing us a bone by saying that there was going to be an SGA movie when we all knew that was just another lie and intended to shut us up?

    I was incensed over the SGA cancellation but yes…I did give SGU a chance. Several chances in fact. But the show was just too boring and lacks the friendship/team camaraderie that we all loved. If the powers that be want to blame anyone then they need to look in the mirror and no further. Its not the fault of the SGA fans that the show is a mess and no one cares about the characters or their destiny.

    They have no right to blame us for their mistakes and I think that the SGA fans deserve a huge apology. We didn’t start this mess nor did we create it.

    As for cry baby Brad Wright and his cronies?
    If I were a Wraith…I wouldn’t even feed on them.

  3. Being a sci-fi fan in NZ is a nightmare. For many years now, more since Star Trek disappeared, sci-fi programs have been practically non-existent. SG-1 continued to play Saturday afternoons on TV2, when the kids/adults were playing sport and Prime continued with SGA on Monday evenings, gaining quite a reputable audience. Until it was cancelled!! Trying to find SGA S5 was exasperating. Eventually it was scheduled back on Monday evenings, but only when the DVDs became available in the stores. Hence the first half of the season gained little or no audience, so the second half of the season was placed on Wednesday evenings – at 10.30pm!

    I know I speak for 10 Stargate fans – of all ages – when I say that we were not impressed with Brad Wright’s comments, but all of us have waited and given SGU the benefit of the doubt.

    So far, noting that the second half of S1 has just commenced viewing, the only relationship that we all find of any interest is that between Rush & the rest of the crew and the “what is he going to do next” mentality; and Eli is just great.

    On a side note, Michael Shanks recently attended Armageddon Expo in Auckland and asked that if any SGU actors are invited to Armageddon in the future, to “… please be nice to them and not to take vent anger or frustration at themfor the cancellation of SGA & the non-appearance of the SGA movie, & the third SG-1 movie.”

  4. I remember reading when they called SGA fans crybabies and told us to just accept SGU and I was insulted too. It just didn’t make any sense! SGA won the People’s Choice Award for crying out loud and then they cancel it?! And we never got a good reason why nor did the actors from the comments I’ve read since. Because there is no good reason. They wanted to go with something new, MGM didn’t have the money to do two Stargate shows at the same time like they did before, so they axed SGA. Just when the show was getting more interesting than ever. More character development, peeks into how they became who they are, more story possibilities, the incredible ‘Vegas’ episode…it simply defies understanding why they would just cancel it. Sounds to me like most fans gave SGU a shot and found it lacking. A BSG wannabe. The fans knew better but they weren’t listened to. The actors knew better and they weren’t listened to. Now the ratings for SGU are telling them very loudly what the fans and actors knew all along…SGU sucks.
    Sci-Fi is full of possibilities. If ‘Dallas’ can bring Bobby back through a shower, the powers-that-be can bring SGA back. Funny but not really. At least do the movie like you promised and stop lying to everyone. Classic case of what goes around comes around. The actors are right…the fan base is still there. We want SGA back. Without the fans you obviously have what’s happening to SGU now. Buck up, face the facts, and stop blaming the fans for your failure, Brad and Joe M.

  5. Has Brad Wright considered that the fact fans don’t watch SGU isn’t just because of ill feeling, but because he changed the SG formula? Why can he never admit any responsibility for the possible upcoming failure of the franchise? He wanted a new format to draw in a new audience and he got one. It’s just that this audience isn’t as big as the one SG-1 and SGA had because the more action/adventure/humour style of those shows appealed to a broader demographic. It isn’t rocket science…no pun intended.

    I believe the one thing that has damaged the franchise beyond repair is Mr Wright’s complete and utter disregard for the opinions of fans who loved the previous shows. I imagine it can get boring making the shows each week, but the fans weren’t tired of them and he never seemed to care about that, displaying a disappointing ‘suck it up’ attitude. You cannot treat people that way and not expect them to feel hurt. Now he wants those same fans to feel sorry for him and save his ailing show? Well good luck with that, Brad. Maybe this has taught you that no matter what success you’ve had previously, fans of the Stargate franchise are not simply mindless groupies who will watch anything with the Stargate name slapped on it. Some will like it, others won’t. We are free to make our own choices.

    I do feel for the cast because this is their bread and butter, but everyone involved in SGU needs to accept that the franchise was taking a risk changing a popular style, and it simply hasn’t paid off. I would have happily watched a new Stargate show had the stories and characters appealed to me. Unfortunately, neither did.

    If SGU was popular with viewers, no amount of bile spewed by aggrieved Atlantis fans (and, for the record, I think Mr Wright treated both the cast and fans with shocking complacency once he’d decided he was bored with it) would make people turn off the show. Yet they are doing so. Ratings are falling all the time. I think we can all draw our own conclusions from that – because we aren’t the senseless minions Brad Wright assumed we were.

  6. At over forty years of age, I believe I am too old to watch SGU? Outside the targeted demographic? Hmmm?

    But how very convenient to have a scapegoat ready at your fingertips!

    And I remember reading a comment on another site such as this way back when and now it rings so true – that it was a no win situation for SG1 and SGA fans. Not only were we going to lose our shows/movies but when SGU flopped, Brad Wright was eventually going to turn round and point the finger of blame at them.

    Is he so predictable? Well, as always he’s rather good at insulting potential viewers’ intelligence. They can’t make up their own minds not to watch? If they’re not watching then it follows they must either be vindictive SG1 or SGA fans or someone who has read their negative remarks on the internet? I suppose it’s flattering that he supposes that we have so much influence! All that money spent on advertising, and we’re still such a threat? I don’t recall having that amount of sway during campaigns to save SGA! And I’m wondering what set of statistics Brad Wright is using to come to this conclusion?

    Brad Wright was the one who got bored with SGA and SG1 and wanted to experiment, dropping the tried and tested formula that worked fine. ‘If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.’ OK so he was afraid of cliches and material getting tired. But both SG1 and SGA had the potential to be improved and worked at from the inside. If he couldn’t see that, then it was his own fault. If the experiment didn’t work, it was his own fault. If he chose not to listen to all the warnings, it’s his own fault.

  7. Here in the UK we are into the 5 episode of the second season of SGU and being totally honest here I could barely tell you the names of half the characters. There is that something special missing from the whole SGU series, the spark, and the cohesion of the characters the team and community that was experienced in SG1 & SGA is missing. There is no fun or life in the new series. There was a brief glimpse of the Stargate we know and love in Cloverdale this week especially the AU element. On the whole we don’t want another Battlestar Galactica with the heavy dramatic and often depressing dark storyline which SGU seems to be turning into. I think the writers need to step back and look at what worked in the two previous series and incorporate that into SGU, Im sure then that the fans will be back.

  8. I Really like Stargate universe..To me the show is like family.. not everyone is the same..not every show is the same, but it is still familiar. I love Sg-1,and was dissappointed when it stopped, I welcomed Altantis.. but it did’nt row my boat.. I watched it from time to time. but it was’nt sg-1. I accepted it , it was a good ,well made show. kinda like a copy but with different people (no flames, just my opinion) thats how i took it. And on Universe, I like the product, and can’t wait for each episode.. Thank you Brad Wright for your shows…………………

  9. If SGU is failing there is no one else to blame except himself and his co-writers! It is ABSOLUTELY the quality of the show that is the problem!! It’s about time he faced up to the fact that there are plenty of people out there who don’t like the show. Simple. Blaming SGA fans for poor ratings is childish, pathetic and so predictable it’s not funny. If the show was interesting, well written and captivating we would be watching. I certainly have better things to do with my time that sit watching a programme that i dislike just because it is ‘stargate’. Wake up, grow up and take responsibility Brad!

  10. I watched season 1 up to the hiatus, then never watched again. By that point there was only one character I cared about at all, and he had just disappointed me. There was no reason to keep watching as I had either disliked the other characters from the start, or had come to dislike them over the course of the episodes.
    When Atlantis was cancelled, comments about how the show’s advertising rates were too low because it failed to deliver the all-important 18-35 male audience pissed me off. I am a fifty-year-old woman, and Universe was lucky I gave it a shot, since they clearly didn’t want me watching it!

  11. James Rundle and Brad Wright both need a reality check. You cannot tell the SGA fans that they are of no consequence to the success of Wright’s new baby – SGU – and then turnaround and blame them for the failure of said baby because the SGA fans aren’t watching it. Two faced doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    That Wright feels he’s entitled to play the martyr card in regards to his series is beyond ridiculous. This is the man that along with Cooper, Gero and Mallozzi told SGA fans to suck it up when SGA was shot in the head by Wright’s deal with MGM. He screwed over the loyal audience and dismissed our reaction as of no consequence – after all according to Wright and the others “If ‘Stargate’ is in the title THEY will watch it.” – *rolls eyes*

    Seems that is not the case and now he’s whining and pleading and pointing the finger of blame at everyone but himself and his cronies.

    SGU is failing in the ratings because it is horrible – poor production quality, poor scripting and not-so-stellar acting – all combining into something that isn’t drawing viewers.

    IF SGU was a good show – IF the quality was there – people would be watching it no matter what the reaction of the SGA fans had been. The truth is in the wash – SGU is horrid.

  12. I enjoyed SG1 and loved Atlantis it was and still is my favourite show, I watch SGU I don’t love it but I don’t hate it’s just OK if I were to forget it was on I wouldn’t be heartbroken that I’d missed it. My brother was also a fan of SG1 and Atlantis but he as stopped watching SGU just because he found it boring not because of what happened to Atlantis.

  13. I enjoyed Stargate the movie but I was never a really great fan of SG-1 so I didn’t watch regularly and missed out on whole seasons. I did buy the DVDs though when the prices came down.

    I was, however, absolutely hooked on Atlantis from the first episode, and made sure that I didn’t miss any episodes and I bought the DVDs as soon as they became available. Also, if the issue the episodes on Blu-Ray I will buy those too.

    I tried SGU, but it’s mind-numbingly boring, and doesn’t have any engaging characters, so I don’t watch it: Also, as a side note, I’m far older than the demographic Brad Wright said he wanted watching his new show.

    Mr Wright shouldn’t have given SGA to Mallozzi & Mullie then he’d still have a 1st class show.

  14. Brad

    I for one am not interested in SGU, however I wish it luck. But if you had given SGA season 5 a good ending instead of a cliffhanger you would not be having these problems and if MGM would go along with plan B for movie the SGA fans would start watching SGU.

  15. I agree with you. Mr. Wright should not have given Atlantis to Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.

  16. I really enjoyed the series Pilot but I think they went in the wrong direction after that. At least, the wrong direction for me. Of course we know the politics behind the show. It was meant to replace Battlestar Galactica and SciFi/SyFy (I hate the name change) said explicitly as much.

    That being said, they went so far as to not only try to replace Galactica, but duplicate as well. I do not care for the shaky camera angles and the constant zoom in/out in every scene.

    But at the core of my disappointment is how they have decided to present the characters and storylines.

    What did we love about SG-1 and Atlantis that isn’t here?

    I can give you one reason, at least my reason, that is more about audience appreciation than it is about the notion that as fans we are “punishing them”.

    In SG-1 and SGA, we were given an adventure and a cast. The center of the show was the adventure, not the cast. As the adventure progressed and we fell in love with certain characters, we instinctively became curious as to their background and personal lives outside the realm of the “adventure” and Stargate.

    Each season of SG-1 had maybe 1 or 2 episodes at most that delved into their personal lives and that was after we developed relationships and appreciation for the characters.

    For me, Universe gave me a great mysterious adventure with a cast with great potential and then they proceeded to shove their background and pasts down my throat.

    I don’t care at this point about how Chloe is always in bed with someone. I don’t care about the crew’s struggles with keeping sudo-relationships with family on Earth…yet.

    The first half of SGU was decent. When they were searching for water, and food, and struggling to survive, and discovering how Destiny recharges in a star and everything else PERTINENT TO THE MISSION, that is what I think we all wanted to see.

    Of course seeing the emotional toll of being so far away is great to explore. But let me WANT TO SEE THAT FIRST!

    They didn’t introduce Teal’c’s family in season 1 then continue to show him visiting and playing catch with him on weekends!

    We got a peek into their lives outside the program for 1 episode and moved on.

    Stargate has always been about adventure, exploration, and discovery first and foremost. Diving into character pasts and personal troubles such as Carter’s male companion troubles and Daniel’s past colleagues like Sarah and Pete came later. How later?


    And keep in mind, that was after we fell in love with the characters and wanted to seem them in different environments and around different people.

    What we are getting now is a daytime soap opera that happens to have a Stargate in it occasionally.

    Move away from the sex and the mutiny and stone-relationships. I want to see them work on surviving and uncovering Destiny’s mysteries and traveling off ship to the planets.

    This currently looks more like a documentary than an adventure show. And yes, I know that is what they are going for with them giving Eli the Kino’s to record everything, but we fell in love with SG-1 and SGA for their style.

    We fell in love with the adventure and the chase and later came to appreciate their past after a few seasons or something.

    I know this was quite a rant, but I really needed to say something. I brought in and introduced quite a few of my friends to the franchise during the later days of SG-1. I got them caught up, they proceeded to watch SGA and I could vouch to them that what they saw would be of excellent quality and satisfaction.

    Unfortunately, Universe has taken the great concept of the 9th chevron and the mission of seeding and creating the gate system and turned it into Days of Our Lives or something.

    Please revert back to the original style of writing. I am not looking for carbon-copies of SG-1 and SGA, but focusing on the mission should carry more weight than wondering how long into the episode it will be before Chloe hops in bed with Scott again or going back to Earth to say hello.

    An entire ship full of great ideas and story arcs and you show us them visiting family almost every episode?

    Give me the mission first and their personal lives later.

    For anyone playing Resistance or visiting the Worlds Forums, I am the same chevron9ine from in-game, hope to see you there!

  17. If SGU was any good I would watch. I tried but was bored and had no investment in the characters. Even when SG1 and Atlantis suffered from poor writing I still liked the characters. I like all kinds if SciFi, but it has to be good and worth the investment of my time. But I’m not the chosen demographic so my opinion does not matter.

  18. “I don’t think if we for any reason go away, it is an issue necessarily of the quality of the product that we’ve been making,” said executive producer and co-creator Brad Wright. “I think getting moved on the schedule has hurt us. And the fact that some of the fans that liked SG-1 and Atlantis were so angry that they have deliberately hurt us, which is unfortunate.”

    What do you think? Has whatever negative fan reaction that exists been fueled primarily by Universe being new and not SG-1 or Atlantis? Has fandom negativity in turn affected Nielsen ratings? Feel free to sound off in the comments.

    SGU is new. And it’s bad. I love SG1 and Atlantis and I had great hopes for the premise for SGU. I didn’t think it would be seedy and/or gritty. I didn’t think they would try to clone Lost/Battlestar Galactica (newest incarnation).
    The human characters seem utterly devoid of likable characteristics. I think that’s where this show goes wrong. I don’t ‘care’ about the characters. I wish they’d all just jump ship so new characters could be brought on board (and yes, they’re free to use that idea). I watched the show for six episodes and I couldn’t force myself to watch any more. It was such a sad group of people, not worth saving, and neither is the show unfortunately.
    I don’t have any idea if the fans of the other Stargate shows have had an effect on the ratings for SGU. I know we couldn’t keep Atlantis on the air. There have been harsh words from the fans, but they can’t make people ‘not’ watch. If I liked the show then nobody could stop me!
    And Brad Wright thinks he bears no responsibility … it has to be the move to Tuesday or the reactions of the non-fans. It certainly isn’t “the quality of the product that we’ve been making”.
    This is one fan that was routing for the new show and is so sorry that it’s just abysmal.

  19. This makes me fume.

    Wasn’t it Brad Wright who basically gave SGA fans the bird? Said that he was going for a different demographic? That we weren’t making him money?

    And now that his show is tanking, we’re to blame? That’s absolute horse shit!

    And we all know that the dude pulled the plug on Atlantis. Maybe he got tired of sitting at his desk, watching someone else produce SGA… Maybe he ran out of dollar bills to count… I don’t know. But you’re damn right I’m a bit resentful of his actions! He’s damn right that it makes me less likely to watch SGU.

    And to say that we’ve deliberately hurt SGU? So, okay, I haven’t been watching (mostly because the show is terrible, not just because I’m pissed)… but it’s not like I’m picketing at the Bridge and egging his car! Give me a break!

    What happened, Mr. Wright, is that you took your fans for granted and you have no one to blame but yourself. You deliberately put a show on the air that you KNEW wasn’t geared towards them. If there’s anyone deliberately hurting the Stargate franchise, it’s you.

  20. *sigh* Well it is so nice to know that nothing has changed in the Stargate franchise. Um, boys, there’s a reason I don’t watch and this is a good example of it. The hubris out of this PTB still boggles my mind. Once upon a time, I loved both SG-1 and SGA, back when this group was more concerned about putting out a good product and less concerned about mouthing off and pissing off fans. Sadly that time has long since passed and they seem to have nothing better to do than lash out at the fans. Um, gentlemen (and I know there’s still not a female writer in the bunch), perhaps you should be more concerned with a quality product and your ratings might be better. But hey, what do I know, I only helped support this franchise for…oh…TEN YEARS. So if I’m hurting the franchise by not watching a show I don’t even like, so be it. /rant

  21. Dear Drad Wright,

    Talking StarGate:
    1. You created a Saga, and a Fanbody- its now a living thing. And you made a Very Big Mistake falling for SG-U. Now you are blaming the Fanbody you have giving the very live – Come on, be a man and admit it , you blew it. To be honest SG-U just s uck s- it is rediculous and a shame to carry the name “Stargate”.
    I have no solution, and cant make it better, but i knew from the beginning after the 1rst show that this will crash. SG-U and SG1 are like Fire and Water – if you dont understand why i say this, you need to write me and SIBA, we will scetch you a plan 🙂

    2. Thank you for SG1 and SG-A.

    3. “Man” – you gonna check whats happing with Stargate-Resistance. They pulled the plug instead of goin Pay-2-Play !!! This game can make a lot of money and keep the community alive and growing. Instead the licence had been pulled from MGM to CME. Its a pitty , becuse this game was designed in the Spirit of SG-1, and thats going too down the drain. Thanks for anny help


  22. Dear Brad Wright,

    ok iam giving you clue what i mean.

    With SG-1 and SG-A you served us Steak and Red Wine. You got us hocked up on this luxory.
    Now your serving us whitebread and dietcoke.
    What happeing right now is got sick 🙂 🙂

  23. Mr. Wright

    SGa fans are not punishing SGU. I for one would be glad to watch, when you, MGM keep your promise on SGA Extinction. I am among most of the fans that want a Shepperd/Todd pairing. Stop using the depletion of DVDs as an excuse. If you had given season 5 a good ending instead of leaving us in a cliffhanger there would not be a problem.

  24. Let me see if I’ve got this. SG1 and SGA fans were powerless to do anything about the cancellation of these two shows, but now apparently they have enough influence to be at least partly responsible for what is probably the imminent failure of SGU?

    Seems everybody’s responsible but Wright et al.

    Mr Wright made a bad call, pretty much told the people who were watching these shows they’d outlived their usefulness and he could do better, and now he’s pouting that not enough of them watch SGU? I thought the whole point was to “upgrade” the fan base. What happened to that plan?

    If anybody’s being “punished” for anything it’s for insulting the customers (which is what we are when you come right down to it) and for pushing a mediocre product. Either one of those things is enough for me to take my business elsewhere, whether it’s a TV franchise or a local shoe store.

  25. The writer who made a comment about Atlantis ending in a cliffhanger made a good point. The fan base is still out there waiting to see what will happen to Atlantis…aside from hanging in limbo while the PTB ruin the franchise. The staff and actors of the series love it so much they’re willing to come back…to at least do the movie if not resume the series provided, again, those that are ruining the franchise take their business elsewhere. Bring back the actors willing to return and complete a wonderful series, add female writers, listen to actors and fans feedback, expand on stories like Vegas, take Atlantis where no one has gone before. Pardon the pun. The PTB have tried their little experiment with SGU and it’s failing. Learn from it. Move on by bringing back Atlantis. There is still so much potential for that series. It should never have been canceled. Make history by bringing it back.

  26. Thank you. I did not like the Vegas episode. If Brad and MGM had not treated us like a bunch of idiots. I do not know how stupid they think we are. We are still waiting for the movie. If they want us to watch SGU give us the movie. And give Atlantis a good ending. Also Pair Shepperd with Todd. They make a good team. Also I wish they would put Joe Flanigan on another show as a regular.

  27. Mr. Wright you and MGM are responsible for SGA cancelation. The fans signed petitions, e-mailed and wrote letters and they were ignored. It seems you do not care what the fans think.

  28. It’s nice to have a place to vent a little here and it’s nice to think what we say and feel matters…to someone important in the Stargate franchise. But in view of Brad Wright’s careless and ridiculous statement blaming the Atlantis fans for poor viewership of SGU, I seriously doubt any of them read any of these posts. Yet one can always hope. Shows like Atlantis give hope and make people dream as well as provides entertainment. Which is one of the reasons why we Atlantis fans miss it so much and why we feel so passionately about getting it back. Never give up on hope…and hang on to your dreams. Like Sheppard…the eternal optimist. Right?

  29. I think some of you have took his message the wrong way. (i’ll probably get flamed for that)
    But in his message he said SOME of the fans who DELIBERATELY hurt the franchise. If you watched SGU, gave it a chance and still didn’t like it, I don’t think it pertained to you. As a matter of fact, I think he refers to people like, Ryan Qweqwe, on the hulu forums that get on, not to watch, but to PURELY trash talk to the show and it’s viewers there. Or perhaps the people that made the site, who also seem to be trying to make a buck out of it with an upcoming store. So.. that’s who I think he really refers to. I think it’d be okay if you’re mad at the cancellation of SGA or even SG1, but have you actually gone out of your way, for the sake of anger, try to ruin the current series?

  30. Mr. Wright, SGA fans are not punishing SGU, but if MGM and Spyglass give the green light for SGmovies that would lure most of the SGA fans possibly to SGU. If also MGM which claims they are financially troubled can order up new episodes of Battlestar Galactica which is even more expensive then SGA they could order up new episodes of SGA centering it on earth with Shepperd as a retired Col now a Fed Agent fighting the alien enemies on earth.

  31. Also I do not know if Brad Wright , MGM or SYFY even read these comments, but they need to listen to the fans.

  32. Mr. Wright all of these comments are right. You thumbed your nose at the fans. Now you are trying to blame us for the failure of SGU. You and MGM are to blame. You have not even started work on the movies and you and MGM could have ordered new episodes of SGA. That probably would have brought SGA fans to view SGU so quit playing the blame game.

  33. Well, they obviously didn’t listen to the fans and now the franchise is over with the cancelation of SGU. Of course, that’s all the fault of the SGA fans…right? Riiiiight. Hate to see the franchise end. Still hoping beyond hope that they can bring SGA back but it’s not looking like it. However, we can still hope for the movies…or for some other company to buy the franchise and do something positive with it. There are always possibilities. Hmmmm, didn’t Spock once say that? Oops…wrong series. 🙂

  34. Wouldn’t it be cool if the stars of SGA got enough sponsors to buy the franchise and get SGA back on track. Or…does that fall in the realm of science fiction?

  35. “I don’t think if we for any reason go away, it is an issue necessarily of the quality of the product that we’ve been making,” said executive producer and co-creator Brad Wright. “

    Stop covering your ass when you know you are making something that is inferior and does not do the rest of the genre justice. OF COURSE it is the quality FFS! Quality is the only thing that counts! You made something that is total crap and tried to pass it off in the same genre as Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis which basically, for me at least, set the bar very very high. Universe is not worth it – I watched the whole series and it bored me to tears.

  36. Unfortunately the same thing seems to be happening to Star Trek. Damn, I wish some of the old school writers could come back and just say ‘enough of this’ and start writing some decent stuff again. I LOVE Stargate, I LOVE Star Trek – but not this new drivel they are trying to pass off. Where they get it wrong is to try and change the whole thing to fit with younger people so they can make money immediately, if they did the right thing and kept it old school – younger people would STILL like it and be motivated to go back and see what they missed, which means more dvd/collection sales. Don’t re-invent the genre, build on it and use what you’ve got already.

  37. Gene Roddenberry would turn over in his grave if he saw the new Star Trek movie. But then again, both me and him agree that TNG was the best work he ever did.

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