Reminder: Lou Diamond Phillips Guests in "American Dad"

Stargate star Lou Diamond Phillips provides the voice for Rusty, Stan’s half-brother, in tonight’s episode of American Dad on FOX at 9:30 PM ET.

From the show’s About page:

AMERICAN DAD, the animated series that follows die-hard Republican and card-carrying NRA member STAN SMITH (Seth MacFarlane) and his hilariously odd family in Langley Falls, VA, is back to salute a fifth season of laughs. The series was recently honored with an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program for the episode “1600 Candles.”

Tonight’s episode is titled “There Will Be Bad Blood.” From TV Guide: “Stan’s rich half-brother, Rusty (voice of Lou Diamond Phillips) visits for Thanksgiving. Rusty turns out to be richer than Stan thought he was, leading to something other than brotherly love. Ed Asner provides the voice of Grandpa Smith.”

If you happen to miss the episode, FOX posts episodes the day after airing on the show’s official website.