Reminder: Michael Shanks Guests on "Tower Prep" Tonight

Michael Shanks in TOWER PREP Promo (Turner)
Michael Shanks in TOWER PREP Promo (Turner)
Finally, after some changes in the airing schedule, we’ll get to see Michael Shanks in his guest role as Professor Literature in Cartoon Network’s new live-action show Tower Prep!

Tune in at 9 PM ET to see Professor Literature give his students an assignment in the episode “Book Report” in which “Ian finds a strange book that contains secret escape plans” (TV Guide).

If you’re unable to watch live (it is on at the same time as Stargate Universe, after all), you can still catch his appearance later by watching the episode online at the show’s official website.

For those new to the show, here’s a brief synopsis:

What is Tower Prep? It’s an exclusive school for students with special abilities, but where it is or how they got there is still unexplained. And who knows what other mysteries will be explored?

Tower Prep, which premiered last month, remains Cartoon Network’s only live-action show after they recently canceled Unnatural History, which premiered in June.