Reminder: Shanks, Huffman Visit "Smallville" Tonight

This is just a quick reminder that Stargate stars Michael Shanks and Alaina Huffman will be reprising their Smallville roles tonight (December 10) in the episode “Icarus” at 8 PM ET on The CW!

We’ve been promised by the show’s producer Brian Peterson that the episode will contain “a fantastic Hawkman sequence.” Huffman will also be in the episode, making a cameo appearance as Black Canary. High-quality stills, a few of which include Shanks as Carter Hall, can be viewed at Spoiler TV. Just be sure to note that going there will expose you to some spoilers!

If you happen to miss the episode, The CW places aired episodes on their website for online viewing.

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[spoiler intro=”Episode Description”]From TV Guide:

Anti-superhero citizens attack the Green Arrow as he tries to stop a mugging, and Clark learns the attackers all have a darkness tattoo. Elsewhere, Carter Hall and Star Girl help Clark pursue Slade, who has kidnapped Lois.[/spoiler]

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