Stargate Planner: Week of March 7-13

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Monday,   March 7 SGUStargate Universe returns to the United States on Syfy at 10 PM ET with the 11th episode of the season, “Deliverance.”

Michael Shanks will be at the premiere of Red Riding Hood at Graumann’s Chinese Theater located at 6925 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood. Other members of the production company and the cast who will also be present include Leonardo DiCaprio, Amanda Seyfried, Billy Burke, Julie Christie, Gary Oldman, and Lukas Haas (Source: MSOL).

Tuesday,   March 8 Stargate Universe returns to Canada on SPACE at 10 PM ET with the 11th episode of the season, “Deliverance.”
Wednesday,   March 9
Thursday,   March 10 Stargate Universe returns to Australia on SciFi at 8:30 PM ET with the 11th episode of the season, “Deliverance.”

Richard Dean Anderson is returning in his role as David Smith in Fairly Legal on USA network at 10 PM ET (Source: DVR Playground).

Friday,    March 11 Tonight is the opening night of the highly-anticipated movie Red Riding Hood. Michael Shanks plays Adrien Lazar, the father of Henry, a love interest of Valerie, “Red Riding Hood” herself. The film was helmed by Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke. Synopsis: “Set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf, a young girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family’s displeasure.”
Saturday,   March 12
Sunday,   March 13

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  • Franchise – Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi updated his readers on the last tasks that he and others are doing to complete the final episode of SGU, “Gauntlet.” As is typical with most Stargate season finales, this episode ends on a cliffhanger. “It’s a spectacular yet poignant season ender,” Mallozzi wrote after watching the finale’s Day 1 Mix. “Hopefully, by the time its airs, we’ll have definite word on a potential movie or two. If it’s a go and fans can look forward to a proper end to Destiny’s mission, then Gauntlet will certainly set the stage for a grand conclusion. If, on the other hand, things don’t pan out and Gauntlet does turn out to be the bittersweet finale, fans will be thrilled, touched, heartbroken – and left to wonder what could have been.” Once the finale is “in the can,” what will become of the franchise? Mallozzi once again reassured his readers, “The sets are still standing as Brad and co. await word on possible movies. As for the writers/producers – some have moved on, some stand ready to start work on a continuation of the storyline should they receive the green light.”
  • Indie Wire: Luke Evans & Robert Carlyle To Star In London Cop Thriller ‘Dogs Of Law’

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