Reminder: Joe Flanigan in Ferocious Planet Tonight (Apr 9)

If you’re in the US, don’t forget to catch Joe Flanigan starring in Ferocious Planet on Syfy network, tonight! It airs at 9 pm/8 pm Central — check your local listings.

Joe has done some great interviews lately, including these: — Joe doesn’t expect his recent Fox movie, Change of Plans, to become a series, so he’s looking for new recurring or regular roles — Joe recently fell while mountain biking and separated his shoulder. He’s due for surgery in two weeks!

We’ll add more links to this post; wanted to get it up before the show starts!


2 thoughts on “Reminder: Joe Flanigan in Ferocious Planet Tonight (Apr 9)”

  1. At first I thought…oh no, please don’t tell me Joe is making B movies now. He deserves much better. However, as the movie progressed we were more drawn into it and actually enjoyed it. Loved Joe’s performance. A lot similar to Sheppard…a lot. Disgraced colonel, quiet hero, loyal followers, “leave no one behind”…perhaps Sheppard’s twin? Thought for sure a moment he was going to stay behind for the adventurous woman and loved/hated the ending. All in all, worth watching a few times. Looking forward to the dvd without the long commercials.
    Also absolutely loved Joe’s performance in the clips from Good Day For It. Very intense emotions. Couldn’t help empathizing with Deputy Doug Brady. Was scared for him at the same time proud of him. Excellent portrayal of emotions by Joe.
    Loved interviews. Very sorry to hear about separated shoulder and surgery. Hope all goes very well for Joe and he’s not out of commission long. Maybe he’ll use the time to write a series for himself? Oh yeah.

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