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Adam Brody


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Adam Brody is an engineer who was present on Icarus Base when it was attacked. He evacuated through the Stargate to the Ancient exploration starship Destiny, where he has proven to be a valuable member of the ad hoc crew who are now stuck billions of light years away from Earth with no way to return home. (Stargate Universe)


Upon first arriving on the Destiny, Brody was at first shocked and angry, but after realizing their situation, he began to do constructive things aboard the decrepit ship. He joined others in inventorying their supplies—he found a case of paper. Not long after their arrival, the air supply system began to fail and it was determined that they needed calcium carbonate to scrub the carbon dioxide out of the air. While the first off-world mission was in progress to find this compound, Col. Everett Young requested that Brody stay behind to "work the problem" from the 'gate room. (Stargate Universe: 1.01 "Air Part 1", 1.02 "Air Part 2", 1.03 "Air Part 3")

Not long after the air crisis, the ship started to run very low on power. Not knowing that the Destiny recharged its reserves by flying directly into a star, the crew began to prepare for the worst when the ship's approach to a sun looked fatal. A lottery was held to select those who would survive on a nearby planet, and Brody was among the 17 who boarded the only working shuttle. His expertise at reading Ancient consoles was valued by Lt. Matthew Scott, the commander and pilot of the shuttle. Fortunately, once the Destiny was recharged and unharmed, the shuttle crew returned to the ship before it resumed its FTL pre-programmed course. (Stargate Universe: 1.04 "Darkness", 1.05 "Light")

During the power crisis, Eli Wallace wanted to record a message in a bottle on one of the ship's kinos, a remote-controlled floating camera that also had sensors to register atmospheric conditions on a planet. Brody nervously recorded his message, after identifying his name, position, age (36), and favorite sport (football): "I always knew I was going to die in space. From the moment I stepped through the Stargate, I, uh… I mean, I didn't expect this. But I knew something…awful was going to happen. I just knew it." (Stargate Universe: 1.04 "Darkness")

Fortunately, long-range communication devices were available for the crew to use to swap bodies with someone on Earth. Using the data gathered during Destiny's flight through the sun, IOA scientists Dr. McCormack and Dr. Williams proposed that they use the ship as a conduit to power the Stargate to dial the long distance to Earth while recharging. They proposed that firing the ship's weapons would deplete the reserves enough to force the Destiny to recharge soon. After studying the proposal, Dr. Nicholas Rush determined that the ship would explode during the "experiment", so he began to make preparations to not only make the conditions safer, but also to stage a catastrophic overload that couldn't be stopped so that Col. Telford, Dr. Williams, and Dr. McCormack would leave the ship. Brody and Sgt. Hunter Riley donned the Ancient space suits and worked in an area of the ship that had no atmosphere. During their work, a coolant leak caused a small explosion that injured Riley severely. Brody was horrified that he could only watch from the other side of a door as his friend was forcefully thrown across the room. Rush's plan worked, but no one got to go home that day. (Stargate Universe: 1.07 "Earth")


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