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Met on alien worlds, these life forms didn't demonstrate sentience, but played major roles in the missions of the SGC.

Alien Creatures

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Extradimensional Parasite

Extradimensional Parasite
The Extradimensional Parasite as normally repelled by the radiation emitted by the Sodan cloaking device, but once that radiation was eliminated, the parasites breached dimensions, crossing over from their own dimension and into the dimension of the wearer of the modified cloaking device. The parasites were also radiative and embedded themselves into local animal life, rapidly mutating their hosts' DNA and creating vicious creatures. At least three planets were affected by the SGC's use of the modified cloaking device before the harmful effects of their modifications were discovered. The parasites were introduced in the episode, 10.05 "Uninvited".


Mastadge of Abydos
The Mastadge was a desert beast of burden from the planet Abydos and was introduced in Stargate: The Movie.

Prior Bugs (R75)

Prior Bugs burst forth from corpse
The Priors of the Ori used all sorts of methods to convert the people of a planet to Origin, the religion of the Ori, including unleashing these bugs which were designed to first eat the people's food crops and then switch into carnivores once all the vegetation was gone. Once these bugs became meat-eaters, they would use humans as both a food source and as incubators for their young. The SGC began researching these bugs and gave them a project name of "R75". Unfortunately, an experiment gone wrong caused all of the bugs to escape their containment at the Gamma Site and this led to the complete destruction of the off-world base. The Prior Bugs were introduced in the episode, 9.17 "The Scourge".

Retrovirus Insect of BP6-3Q1

Bug of BP6-3Q1
The venom of the Bugs of BP6-3Q1 contained a retrovirus which rewrote the DNA of the bug's sting victim. Teal'c was stung by one of these bugs and his body mass began to be transformed into several of these insect-like lifeforms. With the genetic engineering of Dr. Timothy Harlow and the healing capabilities of a Goa'uld symbiote, Teal'c was cured. These bugs appeared to have completely wiped out the human civilization on the planet and would have done the same on Earth if Teal'c had been completely transformed. These bugs were introduced in the episode, 2.10 "Bane".

Sleeper Parasite

Sleeper Parasite of Vagonbrei
The Sleeper Parasite was thought by the villagers of Vagonbrei to be a curse imposed by Morgan Le Fay as punishment for their revealing the location of Le Fay's hiding place in a cave to the Knights of the Round Table who were searching for the Sangreal, Merlin's anti-Ascended weapon which Daniel believed Le Fay took from Merlin to prevent his using it against the Ori (and possibly all other Ascended Beings). The parasites remained dormant in the soil of the cave until they came into contact with live tissue. They caused the victim to produce extra amounts of melatonin in a sleep-induced state and gorged themselves with the hormone until they killed the victim with a brain aneurysm. The SGC devised a cure which starved the parasites out of their human hosts and was based on the discovery of a lizard (see Vagonbrei Lizard below) and research conducted by Carter and Dr. Reimer. The Sleeper Parasites were introduced in the episode, 10.02 "Morpheus".

The Tomb Creature

Creature of Marduk's tomb
On the planet P2X-338, the priests of the Goa'uld Marduk imprisoned him inside his sarcophagus and condemned him to a long and agonizing death by placing this creature inside with him. The creature fed on Marduk and once it was accidently released by a Russian team, it fed on those men as well, leaving nothing but bones behind. The Goa'uld symbiote transferred into the creature's body and went into hybernation, waiting for a better host to come along in the Russian team's rescue party. The creature's name doesn't have a direct translation from the writings Daniel Jackson found in Marduk's ziggurat. The Tomb Creature was introduced in the episode, 5.08 "The Tomb".

Vagonbrei Lizard

Vagonbrei Lizard
This lizard was the only surviving large animal life discovered in Vagonbrei. The rest of the village's population died of a sleeping sickness caused by the Sleeper Parasite. Examination of this lizard helped the SGC devise a cure. The Vagonbrei Lizard was introduced in the episode, 10.02 "Morpheus".