Ra's Jaffa Commander

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Ra's Jaffa Commander of 3000 B.C.


This Jaffa was in the service of Ra when Ra ruled Ancient Egypt in 3000 B.C. to 2995 B.C. (8.19 "Moebius Part 1", 8.20 "Moebius Part 2")

Character Biography

He was the commander of a Jaffa patrol which found the Ancient timeship the future version of SG-1 used to travel back in time to retrieve a Zero Point Module (ZPM) from Ra's collection of religious ceremonial objects. He most likely was the Jaffa who executed Jack, Teal'c, and Carter when they attempted to start the rebellion they knew had to occur in order for the Stargate to be buried and for Ra to leave Earth. He was the commander of the patrol five years later when the alternate timeline versions of Jack and Carter were in the timeship attempting to cloak it. Daniel and the alternate timeline version of Teal'c commanded the group of Egyptians who overtook the patrol and, thus, restored the timeline. What was remarkable about this event is that the Egyptians overtook the patrol without any deaths.


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