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Step Through the 'Gate

Step Through the Gate

Since the Stargate SG-1 Solutions Wiki is a work-in-progress, you're encouraged to step through the portal often to check on our progress.

The whole purpose of this site is for you to explore and learn. The more trips you make, the more an experienced traveler you'll be, but if you find you need some help to make that first step through, may we suggest:

  1. Visiting our Frequently Asked Queestions page for a mission briefing.
  2. Reading our top-level Help Guide to make sure you're in the right briefing.
  3. Submitting a search in the search box to your left to ask a question. Type in a few key words and click GO.
  4. If you are more daring, or if you missed the mission briefing, try the Random page option from the navigation menu on the left.

Suggestions are always welcomed. The Solutions Enquiries Team can be contacted via e-mail.

We are watching you every time the 'gate is activated and the iris is always open. If we see you want to go to an address often enough, we'll try to include it in our dialing computer soon. If you already know an address that we don't have correct for stellar drift, please send us an e-mail.