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Teal'c spends much of his "down time" in the Jaffa meditation called kel'no'reem. This appears to take the place of sleep for Jaffa, although they generally do not dream or have nightmares during the process (6.19 "Changeling"). Even though he lost his symbiote (6.19 "Changeling"), he continues to meditate, always surrounded by lighted candles, and sometimes joined by Daniel Jackson (7.04 "Orpheus").

Col. O'Neill bought him a television to introduce him to Earth culture (1.07 "Cold Lazarus") before he was allowed to leave the base the first time. Since that occasion, Jack has often taken Teal'c with him for outings such as fishing (4.13 "The Curse"), Jell-O wrestling (5.03 "Ascension"), and hockey (6.08 "The Other Guys"). He learned to juggle by watching Jack (4.06 "Window of Opportunity"), and developed a taste for tabloid journalism (4.13 "The Curse").

Teal'c learned to box from Jack (2.16 "The Fifth Race"), and apparently continued to enjoy the activity (4.03 "Upgrades"). He also enjoys weight lifting, often with Daniel (7.15 "Chimera"). He plays ping-pong and is much better at it than Jack is (8.09 "Sacrifices"). He is proficient at basketball, though he has been known to use his strength to cheat a bit (9.06 "Beachhead").

He is an expert in Jaffa martial arts, and practices one that closely resembles Tai'Chi (8.07 "Affinity").

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