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Va'lar was a Jaffa warrior friend of Teal'c's when they were part of the personal guard of the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis. He was introduced in the episode, 5.02 "Threshold".

Character Biography

Teal'c trained Va'lar while Teal'c was still under Bra'tac's mentorship. Va'lar saw that a battle to which his battalion had been sent was not going well and ordered a retreat. He requested more men to go against Ra's warriors. Apophis ordered Teal'c to execute him on the battlefield where he should have stayed and fought to the death. Va'lar told him to tell Apophis that he died honoring him and asked that Teal'c kill him in order to appease Apophis. Instead, Teal'c let Va'lar go and took a symbiote from one of the dying Jaffa and showed that symbiote to Apophis to prove he had executed Va'lar. Apophis was pleased and it was at that moment that Teal'c realized that Apophis was not a god because he did not know that he had been deceived.

Teal'c banished Va'lar to a village to save his life, but Apophis sent Teal'c to burn down the same village which was said to have Ra's followers. Everyone died in the fire, including women and children and Va'lar. Teal'c was plagued by guilt after he obeyed the order to destroy the village because he feared that Apophis would learn that he had spared Va'lar from execution. Teal'c called Va'lar a "dear friend" and he was ashamed that he placed his life before him and the villagers.


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