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Dr. Daniel Jackson


As a child, Daniel Jackson lost his parents in a tragic accident he witnessed, as they set up an exhibit in New York's Museum of Art. His grandfather Nick Ballard refused to adopt Daniel, leaving him to the mercies of foster care. Beginning university at the age of just sixteen, Daniel became an archaeologist, linguist and anthropologist, with Ph.D's from UCLA (a top ten school for anthropology) and Chicago's famed Oriental Institute. His is a visionary genius who opened Earth's Stargate, solving in two weeks a mystery which had defeated Catherine Langford's team for two years. After the first mission to Abydos in which he helped Col. Jack O'Neill defeat Ra, Daniel stayed behind and married Sha'uri, the daughter of Kasuf. He was brought back to Earth a year later by Jack after Sha'uri, Skaara and a USAF sergeant were kidnapped by Apophis. Daniel intuited the impact of stellar drift and excavated the cartouche that provided most of the gate addresses. As Jack O'Neill once proclaimed, he made the SGC possible.

A mission specialist on SG-1, which he joined initially in his quest to save his wife and brother from Apophis, Daniel's expertise in ancient cultures and languages is a vital element in the success of many of their missions. He also acts as the SGC's diplomat. Daniel is passionate, a devoted, wondering scholar and explorer, a true child of the universe. He has deep respect and sincere friendship with his closest friend Jack. In a tragic irony, Daniel's ex-girflriend Sarah Gardner became host to the Goa'uld Osiris, as his wife had too. In a time when he was increasingly defeated by feelings of loss, grief and failure, Daniel ascended to a higher plane of existence after sacrificing himself to save lives on Kelowna. With the aid and encouragement of Oma Desala, he chose this path rather than die a terrible death from radiation poisoning, believing he could do more.

Daniel remained ascended for a year but found it impossible to adhere to the rule of non-interference imposed by The Others on their kind. He came to the assistance of Jack when he was imprisoned and repeatedly tortured to death by Ba'al, Teal'c when he was trapped in a dream world after an ambush left him and Bra'tac sharing a symbiote and then the Abydonian people when Anubis threatened to destroy Abydos in his pursuit of the Eye Of Ra. Daniel made the choice to descend but had his memory erased by the Ascended before he was sent back.

He was found by the natives of Vis Uban who called him Arrom - naked one - and cared for him. Oma Desala placed him in the path of SG-1, who were chasing down leads on the Lost City and its advanced weaponry, the quest Daniel had assigned them in his last hours as an ascended being. Arrom initially rebuffed Jack, Sam and Teal'c but was persuaded to return to the SGC, where his true memories began to resurface. He was instrumental in an outrageous plan to destroy Anubis' superweapon, powered by the Eye of Ra among others. At the conclusion of this mission, Jonas Quinn returned to Kelowna and Daniel Jackson returned to his place on the SG-1 team.

After his descension, Daniel joined the fight against the weakened Goa'uld, the Replicators, and Anubis. After those threats were at long last eliminated, he planned once again to go to Atlantis, to finally see first-hand what he had sought for so long, the Lost City. But, hours before he was to leave, Vala Mal Doran arrived and trapped him into staying. With her he unwittingly stirred an enemy far worse: the Ori. Returned to a newly formed SG-1, and with Jack watching from Washington, Daniel labored at the forefront of the struggle against the Ori and their fanatical followers. Finally they too were defeated, due in no small part to Daniel's understanding of the Ancients and Ascended. Now Daniel has time to pursue his study of the myriad discoveries the Stargate Program has made, and he traveled to Atlantis to find the lab of a renegade Ancient scientist. As far as we know, Daniel is still a member of SG-1.

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