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Lt. Col. Samantha Carter, Ph.D.


Service Number 36-6-349

Birthdate: December 29, 1968 (4.20 "Entity")
(Note: Orlin mentions her birthstone as Emerald, making her birthday in May, not December (5.03 "Ascension"). This may be a point of inconsistent canon again, or maybe Sam was just too overwhelmed by the huge emerald to correct him.)

Dr. Samantha Carter has a Ph.D. in Astrophysics and is an officer of the U.S. Air Force. She served in the Gulf War and was part of the Project Giza program (which later became the Stargate Program) just before Dr. Daniel Jackson solved the riddle of the Stargate. She was selected as the second-in-command officer of the newly formed SG-1 while at the rank of Captain. Since being a member of SG-1, she has seen two promotions and was given the command of SG-1 when Colonel Jack O'Neill was promoted to Brigadier General and given command of the SGC. After a brief stint as head of Research and Development at Area 51 and a tour on Prometheus, she returned to SG-1 with Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c to work with Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell. Later, she was again been promoted to full colonel and left SG-1 to become the leader of the Atlantis Expedition (SGA 4.03 "Reunion"). After a year on Atlantis, Carter was recalled to Earth by the IOA for a review, at which time she was abruptly informed she was being removed from command and Atlantis would be led by someone with a different "skill set" (SGA 5.01 "Search and Rescue"). She rejoined SG-1 in time for a mission to the Tok'ra homeworld to witness Ba'al's sentencing (Stargate Continuum"). She apparently remained with her old team for approximately a year (SGA 5.20 "Enemy at the Gate"). Her latest assignment is to command the latest 304 class vessel, the General Hammond.

Samantha Carter is a brilliant scientist and exceptional officer, a vital part of Earth's defense against the Goa'uld and many other enemies. She is one of the few people on Earth who understands how the Stargate works. She is a steadfast friend to her teammates, was the closest friend of Janet Fraiser, and is a surrogate mother to Janet's adopted daughter, Cassie. She is strong, independent, and often work-obsessed. Her romantic life has had its ups and downs, including being twice engaged.

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Comprehensive Character Biography

Status: Complete Through 10.20 "Unending"/"Stargate Continuum"; SGA 5.20 "Enemy at the Gate"
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