Michael Shanks Busy with Several TV Projects

Stargate star Michael Shanks has been so busy on several television projects that we thought it was time for an update dedicated to him alone!

With thanks to the actor’s official website MSOL for a heads-up, with some information coming from Shanks himself, we can give a brief rundown of each project:

The Good Guys

Michael Shanks BTS THE GOOD GUYS
Michael Shanks and Matt Nix behind the scenes in THE GOOD GUYS

“Role on the Good Guys is a possible returning character… kinda the boys “swat” nemesis. The episode is called ‘Supercops’ and I play the lead douche strike force captain Shaw, head of the ‘supercops’,” Shanks wrote.

We’ve done some digging and found that “Supercops” is episode 18. If the broadcast schedule continues uninterrupted, we’re projecting that the episode will air on FOX on Friday, November 19, at 9 PM ET. We’ll be able to confirm this when it gets closer to airing.

From the audition sides for Shaw, it appears that his Dallas Strike Force is an elite team that gets the job done with military precision. It’s fun to note that Shaw is described as “a swaggering, handsome cop with an attitude.”

Tower Prep

According to MSOL, Shanks will be in the third episode of this new live-action series for Cartoon Network. He’s playing Professor Literature. The show premieres on Tuesday, October 19, at 8 PM ET/PT, so if the schedule continues uninterrupted, Shanks’ episode, which was directed by Stargate alum Peter DeLuise, will premiere on Tuesday, November 2.


  • Showcase – this is a new Canadian show that won’t be seen until Spring 2011!

Shanks wrote, “Just completed an episode of a Canadian series called EndGame. I play a character named Casey Roman who wakes up on a street with amnesia, and slowly pieces his life back together with the help of the lead character. He finds out he may have been a real asshole. The episode is called “The Caffeine Hit.” I did it because Anne Wheeler was directing and offered me the role. Good cast and script.” Anne Wheeler directed Shanks in two previous projects: Living Out Loud and Suddenly Naked.

MSOL described the new show, “Starring Shawn Doyle (Big Love, Medium) and Torrance Coombs (The Tudors, JPod), Endgame revolves around Russian World Champion chess master Arkady Balagan (Doyle), who uses his extraordinary skills of perception and strategic thinking to solve crimes that have stumped others. Traumatized by the murder of his fiancée, Balagan has made himself a virtual prisoner in his luxury Vancouver hotel, terrified to step outside the door. To pay the bills, he begins to solve crimes and help people with problems they cannot bring to the police.”

Additional cast members include Patrick Gallagher (Glee, True Blood), Kate Isabelle (The Good Wife, Sanctuary), Carmen Aguerre (Tin Man, Da Vinci’s Inquest) and Melanie Papilia (The Assistants, Intelligence).


Michael Shanks as Carter Hall in SMALLVILLE
Michael Shanks as Carter Hall in SMALLVILLE

“Do the 11th episode of Smallville when I get back from Oz. The ep is called ‘Icarus,'” Shanks told MSOL.

This episode is also one in which Michael Hogan of Battlestar Galactica will appear as Slade Wilson, who will be introduced in the ninth episode “Patriot.” IGN tells us, “We’ll only know him by the name Slade when we meet him, but DC fans of course are aware that this is the man destined to become Deathstroke, an incredibly skilled and dangerous mercenary.”

When Carter Hall last appeared in “Shield,” he implied that he saw his death coming soon (he has immortality through reincarnation). Let’s hope it’s not in this episode, but the presence of Deathstroke does seem rather ominous.

Shanks said he’ll film “Icarus” (that name should sound familiar to Stargate Universe fans) after his return from “Oz.” He’ll be a guest at the Armageddon Melbourne con from October 15-17. He’s also scheduled to be in New Zealand the following weekend (October 23-25) at the Armageddon Expo in Auckland, so filming of the episode should happen near the end of this month.

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