Paul McGillion to Star in Alien Abduction Movie "A70"

A70 PosterStargate star Paul McGillion will be starring in the film A70 that’s based on an alien encounter two men in Scotland reported experiencing in 1992.

McGillion has been confirmed by the movie’s production office to portray Garry Wood, while Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd has been approached to portray Wood’s friend Colin Wright. From the movie’s official website:

Both men set out along the A70 road from Edinburgh to Tarbrax in Scotland, taking a satellite TV system to a friend for repair. It should have been an ordinary evening, like any other. The half hour journey itself was one they had taken several times without incident, but on that night, everything changed. Both men encountered a dark, two tiered, disk-shaped object, hovering silently, twenty feet or so above the road. Terrified, Garry accelerated the car hard. Racing to get away, they shot beneath the object expecting to get past it, but hit a shimmering light which plunged them into a black void. Seconds later they were careering along the road. Garry regained control of the car and sped away. Terrified, they continued to their friend’s house, desperate to reach safety, only to discover that the thirty minute journey had taken two hours and unable to explain their experience, they eventually found the courage to go home, using a different route. But within days and weeks both men began to suffer with horrifying nightmares, ill health, unusual scars and strange visions that slowly reveal that something far more sinister occurred that night.

An article reproduced on the movie’s Facebook stated that the movie stars “a top Scots sci-fi heartthrob” and “Paisley actor Paul McGillion.” Bob Smyth, author of the article, wrote, “Los Angeles-based Paul has plenty of sci-fi fans after starring as Dr Carson Beckett in the TV series Stargate Atlantis. He was so popular fans launched a protest to stop his character being killed off.”

An interview with Malcolm Robinson (story) and Dionne Rose (producer) can be found in the current issue of UFO Matrix magazine, which is on sale now in the UK.

Principal photography is due to commence in February. To keep up with the movie’s production, visit to find links to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms.

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