Stargate Universe: 2.08 "Malice"

Rush carries a gun in MALICE
Rush seeks revenge in MALICE (MGM)
Tonight (November 16) on Syfy at 9 PM ET: Stargate Universe episode 2.08 “Malice”, written and directed by Robert C. Cooper.

“Robert Knepper,” lead actor Robert Carlyle began in an AP interview. “You always know something bad’s gonna happen when Robert’s there [laughs]. That comes to fruition in…’Malice’. Dr. Rush basically goes after Robert Knepper’s character. Rush forgets everything about the Destiny, forgets everything about the mission. Something has happened; something so bad has happened. Knepper [‘s character Simeon] has done something so bad that Rush is going to forget everything to kill this guy.”

We’re assuming that you’ve seen last week’s episode “The Greater Good” in which we’re left with the sinking feeling that Simeon is about to do “something so bad” to both Dr. Amanda Perry and Ginn that it will definitely make Rush throw all reason out the airlock.

Early in the production process, executive producer Joseph Mallozzi described this episode as Robert C. Cooper’s “version of The Searchers,” a movie made by Western star John Wayne about hunting down and killing those who have murdered and kidnapped loved ones. Wayne’s character’s motives become questionable as he continues his vengeful manhunt, and it’s possible that Rush can be placed in this same role as he hunts down Simeon to avenge a wrong that Rush has taken as extremely personal.

Simeon in MALICE (MGM)
Simeon 'finally explodes' in MALICE (MGM)

Guest star Robert Knepper explained a little about what drives Simeon in a recent interview with Digital Spy: “He doesn’t talk much, does he? I love the fact that when I said yes to playing this part, it kind of reminded me of a Steve McQueen-style quiet guy. A strong, tough guy part. On Prison Break, I tended to talk a lot! They gave me a lot of fun words to say. There were always these great mouthfuls of words that would fall out! With Stargate, I knew that this was going to be more of a reacting kind of part, which I actually really loved. Things are simmering for Simeon until he finally explodes. He finally finds the right moment that he can put things into a plan.

“I liked that it was a reacting part, as opposed to an acting part. He’s the guy you cut to in the shot that’s watching, thinking and planning, as opposed to the guy who’s got the plan right away. Stargate would not be Stargate if my group of guys had won! It would be a different battle and a different story. There’s an old adage about American history – if the Indians had won, the history books would be a lot different. That’s kind of how I approached this part – there’s two sides to every battle, but whoever wins, writes the history books. I like the idea that there are no bad guys, there are just people who make different choices, and they weren’t victorious.”

Whose history will we be watching next week? Tune in tonight to find out and make sure to rejoin us here for our episode poll on the front page.

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SYFY: Lucian Alliance prisoner Simeon escapes, creating a manhunt on a remote planet.

Ginn, using the stones to trade bodies with Dr. Amanda Perry, continues to fill in Homeworld Command of an impending Lucian Alliance attack. Suspecting she’s giving up valuable information Simeon manufactures an escape by killing his guard then making his way to silence Ginn.

Taking Park hostage, Simeon forces Volker to dial a planet and escapes off the ship. When Rush finds Ginn’s lifeless body, knowing what it means for Dr. Perry, he gates to the planet on a mission of vengeance. But Homeworld Command, believing Simeon has information that could prevent an attack on Earth orders he be captured alive. Col. Young must send Lt. Scott and Msgt. Greer to bring Simeon back before he kills Rush or is killed himself.

SKY: Blood is spilled when Simeon makes his escape, sending Rush on a vengeful mission. Hot in pursuit are Young and Greer, who must bring Simeon back unharmed.

Using the communication stones to trade bodies with Dr Amanda Perry, Ginn discloses details of an impending Lucian Alliance attack to Homeworld Command. She soon regrets spilling her secrets though. A furious Simeon escapes his quarters, killing a guard in the process, and silencing Ginn for good…

When Rush finds Ginn’s lifeless body – knowing what it means for Perry – he pursues Simeon to exact his revenge. But with Homeworld Command convinced that Simeon has valuable information, Col Young sends Scott and Greer to bring him back before he kills Rush or is killed himself.[/spoiler]

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