Stargate Planner: Week of February 7-13

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Monday,   February 7 All About A BoyClaudia Black returns as Guru Sona in the 90210 episode “All About a Boy” tonight at 8 PM ET on The CW. TV Guide’s summary: “Teddy discovers who’s blackmailing him; Navid learns the truth about Adrianna and her baby; Emily plans to ruin Annie’s audition for a play; Naomi hosts a party in honor of her spiritual guru; Ivy is anxious about returning to the water.”

Today is David Nykl‘s birthday!

Tuesday, February 8 Starting at 8 AM ET, Syfy will be having an 8-episode marathon of SGU’s Season Two, beginning with “Intervention” and ending with “Malice.” To complete the Stargate experience, SG-1’s “Forever In A Day” will show at 5 PM ET, and SGA’s “Be All My Sins Remember’d,” at 2 AM ET.

Rainbow Sun Francks is part of the regular cast in Season Two of The Listener (as well as SG-1 guest star Peter Stebbings), which premieres tonight at 10 PM ET on Canada’s CTV. The show will be released internationally in March. Visit Francks’s homepage at CTV, which profiles the actor and his character Corporal Dev Clark, a communications expert for IIB. In the Season Two premiere, “Toby Logan is still haunted by guilt over the murder of his friend Detective Charlie Marks and the disappearance of his mother – has resolved to stop fighting against his mysterious gift and use his telepathic abilities to help others. When he revives a woman (Rekha Sharma, V) who nearly drowned, her amnesia gives him the perfect opportunity. But unbeknownst to him, she’s tangled in a case of corporate espionage and murder, and she might not be the victim he presumes. As he sets out to help her remember her past, she’s also being investigated by Sgt. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) of the IIB, who has taken a special interest in Toby’s connection to the woman and uncovered his more than coincidental history with a number of major criminal cases in the past.”

Wednesday, February 9 Arctic Blast PosterTonight at 8 PM is the Syfy UK premiere of Arctic Blast starring Michael Shanks. There will be repeats on February 10 at 10 PM and on February 13 at 9 PM (Source: MSOL). For more information about this movie, visit IMDb or Imagination LLC.
Thursday,   February 10
Friday,   February 11
Saturday, February 12 Paul McGillion, Kavan Smith, Chris Gauthier, and Nicole de Boer lead the cast in Syfy’s original movie Iron Invader at 9 PM ET. The storyline: “Alien bacteria brings a giant metal monster alive.” This movie was previously titled Metal Monster and Iron Golem.
Sunday, February 13

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  • SGU’s VFX team didn’t take home the VES Award on February 1 in the Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series category. Instead, the award went to the team at Caprica.

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