New Stargate Series! Stargate Origins

MGM has announced they are creating a new Stargate series called Stargate Origins. It will be a digital-only series consisting of 10 short episodes that together would form sort of a movie. The focus of the series will be on the early life of Catherine Langford and her early experiences with the Stargate.

The series will be offered on a new MGM portal called Stargate Command. Some of the content will require payment.

These articles provide the MGM press release and a trailer, which is all from the original movie:



This article in Vox has a lovely description of Catherine Langford, including Daniel’s attendance at her funeral.


See also our wiki article about Catherine! 

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  1. Cool idea, although I’d live to see Origins capture the story of the Ancients as well (I was always partial to them and their attachment to Daniel).

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