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The show may no longer be in production, but the fandom lives on! Join us for the latest news about what the main cast members are doing now.

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2 thoughts on “SGA”

  1. I think “Vegas” was chosen as the favorite because we finally got to see our series lead actor Joe Flanigan do some deep, dark work. We knew he had it in him and it was great to see him show a new side to John Sheppard — the man our Sheppard could have become without the influence of his friends and the Stargate Program.

  2. I liked “Vegas” because it showcased Joe Flanigan’s acting skills; it showed us a Sheppard that had left the USAF and a different McKay.

    Although I know that Robert Cooper says that Sheppard probably dies at the end; since McKay knew his location (otherwise he couldn’t have sent the Warthogs) I believe he would have sent a rescue team to save Sheppard so they could make use of his super ATA gene.

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