Rainbow Sun Francks

Aiden Ford in 'Rising'RAINBOW SUN FRANCKS quickly landed his role as Marine Lt. Aiden Ford in Stargate Atlantis the moment he decided to return to acting. He was a regular cast member during the first season and then became recurring after his character was the victim of a Wraith attack (the character is most likely deceased, but this was never acknowledged). After Stargate Atlantis, Francks joined the regular cast of the Canadian television show The Listener during its final seasons.

Beyond Aiden Ford

These are the roles that Rainbow Sun Francks has had since he became Lt. Aiden Ford*, the most recent on top.

The Listener

The Listener
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Corporal Dev Clark
Starting February 8, 2011

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* We’re missing a few images of some of Francks’ roles since July 16, 2004. Can you help us? They’ll need to be 260×146 for the gallery. (Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’. Any others, just let us know.)