Reminder: Claudia Black on "90210" Tonight

Stargate star Claudia Black makes the first of three episode appearances as yoga guru Sona in the 90210 episode “It’s Getting Hot in Here” tonight at 8 PM ET on The CW. TV Guide’s summary: “Emily sabotages Annie’s relationship with her friends when the girls go on a weekend getaway; Dixon interrupts Debbie and Ryan’s … Continue reading “Reminder: Claudia Black on "90210" Tonight”

Claudia Black Gets Arc in The CW's "90210"

TV Guide has published a Keck’s Exclusive that announces that Stargate star Claudia Black has a new television role! William Keck wrote: Aussie actress Claudia Black, who parlayed the role of Aeryn Sun from Farscape to Stargate SG-1, has landed the sexy role of Guru Sona on The CW’s 90210. Beginning in late January, Sona … Continue reading “Claudia Black Gets Arc in The CW's "90210"”

Claudia Black Guest Starring on "NCIS" May 11

Daemon’s TV has posted an announcement, complete with on-location pictures, that Stargate star Claudia Black will be guest starring on the popular CBS Television Network show NCIS, which stars Mark Harmon as Leroy Jethro Gibbs who heads the team of special agents in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Major Case Response Team (MCRT). Black’s … Continue reading “Claudia Black Guest Starring on "NCIS" May 11”

Claudia Black

Claudia Black in the Stargate Wiki Character Bio: Vala Mal Doran Interview Archive Search Solutions Blog Archive Solutions Gallery IMDb Convention/Appearance Schedule at Stargate Actor Appearances CLAUDIA BLACK first guest starred on Stargate SG-1 in its eighth and ninth seasons as the thief and con artist Vala Mal Doran. Afterwards, Vala proved herself worthy to … Continue reading “Claudia Black”

Claudia Black on Voice Role in Uncharted 2

We haven’t heard from Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran) in a while, at least not visually! She just gave a video interview about her voice-over role in the new video game, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. She doesn’t talk about Stargate at all, but it’s interesting to hear her take on how she and her colleague … Continue reading “Claudia Black on Voice Role in Uncharted 2”

Claudia Black Answers Fan Questions

A little while back, the Claudia Black Online Forum opened the floor to fan questions that the Stargate star would answer personally whenever she was able to stop by. So far, Black has answered well over half of the questions that range in subject from Aeryn to Vala, sushi to hobbies, and other works besides … Continue reading “Claudia Black Answers Fan Questions”

Claudia Black on Filming and Motherhood

Claudia Black was recently interviewed by Steve Eramo for TV Zone Magazine, Issue 226 (available for purchase here). Among many things, she speaks about her experiences filming Stargate SG-1’s Season 10 as a new mom, and filming the movies while pregnant with her second son. From the interview, “On the personal side, I thought I … Continue reading “Claudia Black on Filming and Motherhood”

Shanks on Season 9 and Claudia Black

Someone has added a video interview with Michael Shanks to It’s not clear where the interview was first broadcast, though it seems to have been conducted early in SG-1 Season 10 filming, for an audience that hasn’t seen Season 9 yet. Michael talks about how much he enjoys working with Claudia Black, why he … Continue reading “Shanks on Season 9 and Claudia Black”