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Breadbox Editions: The Definitions

ARMAGE: The subtle (or not so subtle) flash of nicely developed arms.

ARM PORN: See "Armage."

AUDIENCE: The general, all-purpose group of commentators about the show. Often they're used for generic comments, or for specific fan groups to banter with.

BDSMERS: Those who enjoy Bondage/Dominance/Sadism/Masochism, in real life, fanfic, or both.

CHEVRON GUY: Originally simply credited as "Technician," later "Walter Davis" and "Walter Harriman." I stick with "Chevron Guy" due to his "chevron whatever engaged" schtick.

CONTINUITY GEEKS: Fans who enjoy finding little bits of continuity from previous episodes.

CORRIDORS: Having the corridors of the SGC (and other locations) appear as "characters" is inspired by reading comments about when shows run short, they fill the time with running up and down corridors. This is especially frustrating when a show runs over, and they cut out long character scenes to get the time down, cut too much, and fill it up with corridor scenes. The SGC corridor gets viciously jealous if Our Team (what's left of it) "visit" other corridors.

COSMIC GIDDINESS (TM): This one came from a comment by Richard Dean Anderson. I think he was referring to the fun they have while filming the show, but I've taken it as descriptive of Jack's sense of humor, especially in the later seasons.

DANIEL WHUMPERS: Daniel does hurt so well, doesn't he?

DEOD: Doe Eyes of Death. Simply put, have you noticed that when Sam gives certain men "that look" they end up dead? So far, only Jack seems immune to death, but he does look like it's giving him some bitchin' constipation.

FEMSLASHERS: Those who see a sexual subtext between two female characters. Often designated in fanfic as f/f. See "Slashers."

FRIENDSHIPPERS: Those who enjoy seeing the team as friends. See "Team Fans."

FOURGY FANS: Based on the words "four" and "orgy." I think you can figure the rest out.

GEN: Fanfic without any ship, slash or het.

H/C FANS: Short for Hurt/Comfort. A subgenre in fanfic that revolves around one character being hurt and then comforted by another. Can involve sexual comfort, but not necessarily.

HET: Fanfic with heterosexual content. See "Ship."

HETSMUTTERS: Those who like their het with NC-17 content.

HOR: An online variation of "whore." For some reason, I always picture Johnny Depp a la Captain Jack Sparrow saying it.

KILT FANS: (1) Fans of men wearing kilts, (2) A fan these people use to try to create a "stiff breeze."

NOROMO: NO ROMance Onscreen. When I began writing the BBEs, I used the term "Non-Shippers," but then I found the NOROMO term, which I understand originated from X-Files fandom. NOROMO just has a bit more "zing" than "Non-Shippers."

NUBY: A diminutive for Anubis the Walking Laundry Pile.

ORGY FANS: Um, if you don't have some idea, you really need to get out more.

OTP: One True Pairing. A term fanfic readers use to describe their favorite pairings. Some will only read their OTP, while some will reader others as well. Can apply to het or slash couples.

SAMMIKINS: A derogatory term for Sam, usually used in reference to everyone falling in love with Little Miss National Treasure.

SG-.75: SG-1 minus Jack, as in Season Eight.

SHIP: Short for "relationship" as in a romantic relationship.

SHIPPERS: Those who see a sexual subtext between a male and a female character. See "Het."

SILER'S WRENCH: Siler seems awfully attached to his wrench, don't you think? He just doesn't know the *real* truth about the Wrench's torrid affair with the Stargate -- the love that dare not speak its name.

SLASHERS: Those who see a sexual subtext between two male characters. Often designated in fanfic as m/m. See "Femslashers."

SMUTTERS: Those of the generally dirty mind.

SNIT: Short for Sam Needs Intensive Therapy. Those fans that think Sam's got a Daddy Issue she needs to work out or something. Not exactly her fan club.

SQUEE: I'm not sure where it actually originated, but for me, it first registered when used in a post by a S/J Shipper, shortly after the first pics of the kiss (that really wasn't) in Grace appeared. Squee!!!! was written not only in purple, but in at least a 90 point font. This stuck into my subconscious for some reason, and became the Shippers' trademark in a sense, even though other factions use it too. I like to be an equal opportunity offender whenever possible.

STARGATE: You remember, right? Big round thing, flushes sideways? Apparently missing, but none of the writers have noticed.

SUPER TROOPER: Anubis' bioengineered warriors.

TEAM FANS: Those who enjoy seeing the team as a team. See "Friendshippers."

TPTB: The Powers That Be. Refers to the people who run the show. Includes writers, directors, studio executives, etc.

WRITERS: For some reason, I decided to use "writers" instead of the more generic TPTB. Perhaps because I think many of the current flaws are coming from writers who'd rather work on Atlantis.

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