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Welcome (back!) to our collection of computer wallpapers :)  Apologies for the extended hiatus: this was a result of serious family illness. 

As always, we're celebrating Team in our screencaps and wallpapers, as well as each of the individual characters and favourite relationships.

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If there's an episode special to you, drop us a line to request wallpapers.  We'll do our best to oblige.

All wallpapers are sized 1024x768.  To view full size, click on the thumbnail.  To save the full-size wallpaper, wait until it loads completely on your screen, then right-mouse click and "Save Picture As."  Alternatively, you can wait until the full-size wallpaper loads completely on your screen, then right-mouse click and 'Set as background' to load directly to your computer desktop.

Wallpapers and screencaptures are by Alison, Solutions site owner.  Feedback is very welcome - thank you :)

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