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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Amanda Tapping

Amanda Tapping
Nick Joy, Starburst #284, March 2002

This is ground control to Major Sam

Amanda's thoughts on Michael leaving:

Of course, the hot topic on every Stargate fan's lips, (and the letters columns of most genre magazines) is the very public departure of Michael Shanks' character Daniel Jackson in Meridian, which had been premiered on Sky One only three days before the event. While Amanda freely admits to feeling his departure has been a great loss, she also understands her co-star's reasons for moving on. "Certainly, there are times when you reach a level of frustration where you know there's so much more potential for your character, but it's not happening," she admits. "But, you have to remember that it is an ensemble show; there are four main characters, so you can't always expect to be the 'A'' story line." However, the actress sympathises with Shanks' worries about being sidelined: she sometimes feels the same way herself.

"There are times when you feel creatively frustrated, and I guess that I'm feeling it a bit at the moment," she admits. "This year has been very mixed. In this season, we've had a lot of emotional episodes for Carter, and some great stories. But, there's also been a lot of techno-babble that I've had to speak, and if that's all this character is going to be next year..."

On the spin-off:

So what else does she aspire to? Well, Amanda definitely hopes that the finale will be a worthy conclusion to the show. "I really hope that it's good. But because there's also talk about us potentially doing a theatrical film after this, who knows whether the series will wrap up into the film, or  whether they really go and do a spin-off series (Atlantis)." The Internet is rife with 'genuine' stories about the launch of the new spin-off, but Amanda is quick to stress that it's only rumours at this stage. "We've  heard about all sorts of possibilities, but nothing is concrete yet. I really don't know what's going to happen, but I think they'd have to let us know by halfway through the season, just because of people's commitments."

Amanda Tapping interviewed by Nick Joy

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