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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Amanda Tapping

Carter And Co.
Allan Bellamy, Stargate Official Magazine, Issue #6, Sep/Oct 2005
Amanda Tapping

How has Carter changed this year?

It's not dissimilar to what's happening to Amanda, actually. She left because Cassie was having some trouble and she needed to be with her. […] Cassie's having a hard time so Sam goes, "Alright, I need to be with her and I need to help her out." So Carter starts doing research and development at Area 51 and working onprojects as part of the SGC and not going off-world. So it's not dissimilar to me having a baby and bringing out this whole nurturing side and then coming back to work. She's got back ot the SGC and is trying to fit in. […] but it feels weird for her in the same way that if feels weird for Amanda to come back and go, "Oh, hello!"

What do you want to see happening for the character during season nine?

I just feel like the strength of this character and the joy of playing this character is the fact that she's a strong, capable, smart and powerful woman. I love the fact that there are so many sides to her — I loved the Pete side, because I loved working with David Deluise, and the whole 'Jack and Sam' thing was fun to play at times and a bit of a pain at other times. We were exploring all of the different sides of her, which is great. Now we know that she's capable of love and she's capable of hurt and all these things to do with her heart and soul. We know all that, so now lets [sic] get back to what made her the character that she is! So I think it will be interesting. As long as I don't become exposition girl — because that's what I was for a while. […] I want to have a pro-active role on the team. She's back, so let her be back. Let her be pro-active. We know enough about her backstory now. It's there, it's settled. We don't have to show her breaking up with her boyfriend and making eggs in the morning. It's time to go back to the old Carter. I was starting to feel a bit that the whole angst over Jack was weakening her, and I think the fans were finding that too. We're going to go back to what SG-1 was about, with a new vigor.

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