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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Amanda Tapping

Got Carter
Sharon Gosling, Stargate SG-1 * Atlantis Official Magazine Yearbook, March/April 2006
Amanda Tapping

"What we've gone back to with Carter this year is that very driven, very focused professional and analytical woman that I really like. The beauty of what's happened to Carter over the course of the nine years is that as a human being she's warmed up. She's come into her own. She's got a better sense of humor, and I think this year even more so, simply by virtue of the fact that that's how I've chosen to play her. "

[...] "There wasn't time to show all the interpersonal relationships. Carter had to deal with Martouf. So if we had had a Carter and Fraiser scene, then we wouldn't have dealt with the story as well. But that's the one thing with Ripple Effect that I missed." [...]

"We have introduced a whole new dynamic to this show, not only in terms of new characters like Beau [Bridges], Ben [Browder], Claudia [Black] and Lexa [Doig], but also with a whole new mythology. The Goa'uld are gone, and now we are faced with this new enemy. For the writers, its like writing a first season show, so you don't have as much time to focus on the interpersonal relationships of your individual characters. You're still introducing the concept of the show and elements of that. As a result, what I lost out on was personal scenes with Teal'c, with Mitchell, with Beau's character. We haven't had much exploration of that this year."  

"I would liked to have had more time with Beau, and with Lexa. Beau and I had a big conversation at the beginning of the year about what sort of interaction we wanted the two characters to have. Carter had such a wonderful relationship with Hammond, so I said to Beau, 'What do you think we can do with this?' We came up with a whole relationship for them, but there hasn't been any opportunity to explore that at all. And I understand why - this season has been about establishing the Ori and pushing the story forward. It was the same with Lexa. I wanted to show a friendship building between her and Dr. Lam - not that it could in any way replace the friendship that she had with Janet, but so that she had some interaction with other women on the base. Lam isn't even Air Force."

"I don't know what the line up is going to be next year - who will be here and who won't be here. But we're looking at going to 200 episodes, and I want to be here for that! It's worked this year with Olivia, and it'll be easier next year because I won't be breastfeeding."

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