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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Ben Browder

Mighty Mitchell
David Bassom, Stargate SG-1 Official Magazine #5, July/August, 2005

Ben Browder

..."You never know what it's going to be like when you go on an existing show, but Michael Shanks and Chris Judge have gone out of their way to bring me into the fold. I also had a nice conversation with Amanda Tapping and I'm looking forward to working with her. The fact I seem to have been embraced by the cast and crew is actually the more important thing to me, because the set is where I work and where my daily life is.

"There's a good atmosphere on the set, and there are no big egos. Everyone's trailers are the same size, everyone's wearing the same kind of clothes — in fact, I'm quite convinced they have been throwing some of Shanks' wardrobe at me!"

..."In my mind, Mitchell is very different from Crichton," he notes. "He stands differently, he talks differently and he reacts to things differently, as you'll see. John Crichton wasn't a military guy in any way, shape or form, so the military aspect certainly makes Mitchell different. But with every role you play there's usually a part of you in the character, so there probably will be some similarities between them too.

"What's been interesting about going from Crichton to Mitchell is that I've occasionally had to remind myself that I shouldn't be comfortable with certain things, like a guy with tentacles on his head walking in the room," he reveals with a grin.

...He is quick to dismiss the idea that he has been brought in to emulate Anderson's work as Jack O'Neill. "I don't think you can replace someone like him and I certainly haven't taken it upon myself to replace him," he states firmly... "I'm stepping into the show as a member of SG-1, not stepping into the show as Richard Dean Anderson, Jr."

"Beau Bridges and Lou Gossett, Jr are both great," says Browder. "First of all, these guys are true professionals. These are guys who know their business... It's great to have these guys around and get to work with them."

Prior to signing up for the gig, Browder was well aware of the show, but wasn't a regular viewer. "I'd only seen the show occasionally before. I don't really watch a lot of TV; I've never watched a show religiously, with the exception of The Office and maybe Entourage. So I'd seen a few Stargate: SG-1 episodes here and there, and there were some I really liked.

"But I watched all of the episodes after I signed on," he adds. "I watched something like 130 hours of Stargate: SG-1 in two weeks! I thought there were a lot of good episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed the Heroes two-parter, I loved the N.I.D. and I really like Maybourne."

..."All I know for sure right now is that I'm here on Stargate: SG-1 until October — or the point where they see fit to kill me off," he notes. "Cameron Mitchell's introduction to the show is either going to work or not work. If it works, that's a credit to everyone who's playing a role in the creation of my character — from Rob Cooper to the other writers and producers, the other actors and everyone else. If it doesn't work, you can blame me. Either way, I'm just going to do the best job I can on the show."

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