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Stargate SG-1 Cast Interviews: Ben Browder

Comfort Zone
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special 71, July 2006

"Having already done a year on Stargate, I think there's a clear concept in the writers' minds of where Mitchell sits in terms of the rest of the team, and in my mind, too," explains Browder. "I'm finding my character is much more settled this year than he was in Season Nine, which was my first year on the show. That's just a natural progression. Whenever you start, for example a new job or go to live in a new city, there's always a slight sense of dislocation and you need time to adjust to your new surroundings. Mitchell spent much of last year doing just that and trying various tactics in regards to what his role was within the team structure."

[...] "Camelot was a hell of a ride," enthuses Browder. "I like it because it had a number of major arcs coming together, and from my end I got to do another big swordfight. Then there was all that cool stuff with Sam Carter hanging in outer space. Maybe it's because this was the last story we shot last year, but I think we all had a blast working on it."

"This episode also gave me some amusing scenes with Michael Shanks, which I don't get too many of," adds the actor. "There's just a natural rhythm that we pick up on when the two of us work opposite each other and as a result we bounce off one another in a sharp fashion. That makes our 'playtime' all the more enjoyable."

[...] "Something else I've noticed this year is that as a regular player now on the show, Claudia [Black] has integrated beautifully with this entire cast, which makes for a great ease in the working process. I was watching a cut of one of the episodes recently and was so impressed with the amount of throws back and forth among the actors. If there's one thing I'm really pleased about is how well we've all come together as a cast, and Claudia is one of those actors who is always reacting and finding something that works. Anytime you have a person like that joining a group of performers who have been doing that as well, I just think it's value added, or in this case Vala-added," he chuckles."

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