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Stargate SG-1 Crew Interviews: Beau Bridges

Command Performance
Steven Eramo, TV Zone Special 71, July 2006

Beau Bridges

"I really enjoyed my first season on SG-1," enthuses Bridges, "and that included my preparation for the role and how I worked with Robert Cooper to flesh out my character. He and I kind of came up with Landry's backstory together, and I began that process by researching American generals from George Washington on up to General John Jumper, who has actually been on our show. I wanted to get a feel of what the real guys need to do to get through the day, and that left a very big impression on me.

"Robert and I then worked together to come up with a character that we both felt good about, and that included Landry being a highly decorated Vietnam War pilot who married a Vietnamese woman. They had a child together, Dr. Carolyn Lam [Lexa Doig], someone who's very important to him. Landry and Carolyn are somewhat estranged and I enjoy that arc between them. I'm hoping Carolyn will be back this year."

"[...] I recently attended my first Stargate convention and it was a wonderful experience. The fans are great. They're so diverse and come from around the world and from all generations. Most of all, they're loyal to the show and have been with it for a long time. I was extremely impressed by that, and I found it really inspired me to want to measure up and keep going for them, you know? I want to do my part to shoulder the responsibility of making sure Stargate Command continues, and so far so good."

"In Uninvited, which we shot prior to the one I just spoke about, Mitchell has to tackle Landry in order to get him out of the way of a mutant monster that's headed right for him. Ben did a good job of that. He took me down but didn't hurt me. We're very fortunate to be working with Dan Shea. What a great presence on set. When you're doing fights as well as stunts or anything else with potential risks, it's important to have someone who knows what they're doing."

[On the Landry and O'Neill backstory] "Even though our characters don't have many scenes together, I think there's definitely a relationship there, and it's one that's talked about quite a bit. Obviously the two of them have known each other for a long time and are good buddies. They got involved in the intelligence arena together, and it was O'Neill who arranged for both Colonel Mitchell and Landry's daughter Dr. Lam to com work at Stargate Command. He also had a hand in getting Landry to the SGC when he talked him out of retirement. In return, my character loves to tease him, and O'Neill give is right back to Landry whenever he gets the chance."

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