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Stargate SG-1 Crew Interviews: Brad Wright

Brad Wright on Michael Shanks' Departure from Stargate SG-1
Thomasina Gibson, Cult Times #74, October 2001

"It's not an easy thing just to say goodbye to a character who in many ways is the heart and soul of your series. Richard (Dean Anderson) is the name above the title but Michael Shanks's Daniel character carried the morality of the show and that is something we will simply have to struggle to replace."

"...ultimately it will be up to the fans to decide how successful we are."

Wright suggests, "Of course, the method by which Daniel is leaving completely leaves the door open, and if things work out he 'will' return."

Brad Wright, Cult Times #74
Thomasina Gibson

© 2001, Cult Times.  All rights recognised.  No copyright infringement intended.  We respect all that Cult Times have done to cover Stargate SG-1 and this story an dthank them for permission to post this extract.  Our intent here is only to inform those fans who have no access to the magazine.  You can purchase this wonderful magazine from

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